November 10, 2015


A lot of people out there are giving tips on how to succeed yet there are only few people who succeed so what I am going to write is tell people why they will not fail. I will do something different so I can give another perception and change the ratio of successful people. This article talks about why you will not fail. These are proven reasons and are very effective. You will not fail if you have these reasons:

1. YOU PREPARE HARDER THAN ANYBODY ELSE - If you prepare harder than anybody else then victory is surely on your side. No need to doubt yourself, your skills will standout and they will feel the strength inside of you. You will move effortlessly and confidence is glowing in your image.
Not only in sports or any kind of combat. If you prepare harder than anybody else then you already have the gold in any kind of field may it be a bar exam, spelling bee,  math bee, body building competition etc. If you prepare harder than anybody else then success is not a promise, it is a guarantee. It is a guarantee because your level is very different, you have something that they don't have and that is the strongest desire to win because only those people who prepared the hardest have the strongest desire to win. Your confidence will standout, your body language will impress the judge and your competitors will be scared of you because they are not prepared for you. They are below your level.

2. YOU HAVE THE BELIEF  - If you have the belief then you will not fail, you will succeed for sure because if you have the belief then you will find a way to win. Most people even if they can do something great still fail, Why? because when the going gets tough their belief starts to fade and then they quit. They cannot see that they can win, If you really believe in something then nothing is impossible to you. You are blinded by your desire to succeed and you can do impossible things, you can do extraordinary things that a quitter will not do. You will have the endurance to keep going because your desire is fueled by your belief. 

3. YOU WILL TRY AGAIN - this is the most beautiful reason. You will not fail because you will try again, failure is not the failure itself. It will only be called failure if you quit on trying. Those who keep on trying never fail because succeed is waiting for them. Failure means the inability to keep going, failure means accepting that it is not for you  so if you keep on trying you will not be labelled as a failure. You will be labelled as a repeater and not a failure.

So these are the three reasons why you will not fail. If you have these three reasons then there is no reason for you to worry. Success is already in your bag so stop worrying if you will succeed or not. 

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