November 13, 2015


If an opportunity knocks on your door and the big boss ask you if you can do the job just say YES. No hesitation no more doubting just say yes. Don't be afraid to say you can do it. Even if you are not sure that you can do it just say you can. But make sure that once you get the job you will do everything to do it and make it happen.

People are so afraid to answer boldly if they can do a certain thing. They are doubting themselves, belittling themselves. If you are doubting yourself then you have no love for yourself. Once an opportunity knocks always say YES, let it enter to your life and don't let it go away.

If you are in the field of banking and you know in yourself you can do computation, once the boss ask you if you can move to the next level and present you the coverage of your suppose to be new role just say YES. It is ok to get overwhelmed by the new and larger task, it is ok to struggle in the beginning, eventually you will find a way how to do it in the long run. You can adjust and adopt as the days go by.

But make sure that you know some basics about the job that was asked for you. You cannot say you can operate a dying patient if all you know is kill some zombies in a sick video game. Make sure you are serious about the business that is being presented and you are not joking around. Make sure that once you accepted the new role, you will not crumble or breakdown when the going gets tough.

It is ok to say yes even if you are not sure that you can do it because you don't even know if you cannot do it. You don't even know if what you are doing is wrong. You are in a 50 50 situation so take the risk, have the confidence to accept the larger role and give your 100.01 percent.

November 13, 2015


I am not promoting shortcuts here I am just trying to write an article to reduce the scarcity that you feel when you cannot progress or to lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed when you are pursuing a goal or developing a skill.

If you see someone who succeed for just a short period of time don't get jealous, don't try to emulate the timeline that he had. Everyone has his own timing, your time will arrive, nobody knows when it will arrive but all you can do is speed up the process, again SPEED UP not shortcut. Taking shortcuts and speeding up is very different.

When I say speed up what you can do here is work harder, double the effort, work smarter. Those are the things that you can do to speed up the process. You should not take shortcuts because that shit will never help you. You will feel successful for a very short period of time that is why it is called shortcuts. If you take a shortcut to success your time of being successful will also become short.

And besides the more you feel that your goal takes longer time to reach, the harder the situation will become. Forget about the timeline just carry on to what you are doing and make sure to improve everyday. Improving everyday will make the timeline of reaching your goal shorter.

Trust the process, trust that your time will come. Don't feel depressed or upset when you are not seeing any results yet. don't ever stop because if you stop your timeline will get longer.

November 12, 2015


Really? 375 dollars worth of basketball shoes? $100 Basketball Jersey? Most of you are faking greatness nowadays. You will buy expensive accessories, shirts, shoes just to show that your lifestyle is active and you're a great athlete. You will try to pretend that you are fit and has money to buy those expensive things but the reality is you're a broke son of a bitch.

You will try to cover your inability to exercise and become great with those fancy things that will never contribute to your progress. Most of you are blinded by these expensive things, it tricks your mind. You got pumped up when you buy that band with watch and lights, on and off.  I don't know how do you call it. You got pumped up by it thinking that after you bought it you will run 100 kilometers a day.

You got pumped up by the new edition of of a popular shoe brand, you think that it will contribute to your skill and you will become a great athlete. Or maybe you are just faking everyone that you are great because you have those things. Well at least you are a great pretender.

Sometimes your focus is on those things and not on striving to become great anymore. Those stuffs cannot help you, those are just things to make you look good in the eyes but bad in reality. Buy those things if you are already good and not to just look good.

I am not saying that those things are bad, it may help you in some ways but you still have to prove to everyone that you're not just a flashy person with expensive things. Invest in yourself first then decorate yourself if you are already great.

November 12, 2015


A lot of people say that they want something but they are not willing to pay the price. They say they want to change their lives. They want cars, they want big houses, they want millions but their actions are not congruent to their dreams.

They want a brand new car but they only work for 8 hours a day and the more sad thing is they are doing the wrong work. How can you buy a new car if you are only earning money that is enough to feed your family and provide their basic needs? If you want something big you should also do big, find another work that will give you a bigger income, it doesn't matter if you have worked for ten years for your recent company, we are talking about realizing dreams here and your company cannot give you the dreams that you want so leave that company now. If they offer you a bigger salary cool if not pack your bags and never look back. Send your boss a resignation paper and accept what his decision will be. Its either he give you an increase to keep you or let you go. Make him choose.

Hungry people doesn't care about the consequences that may happen when they take risks, they only look for the bigger picture and nothing lesser than that. If you are not that hungry then you will be satisfied for what you have, you will not take risky actions that may put you in a more difficult situation.

If you are not scared it means you are not hungry because only people who are hungry can stand being scared and still shoot for their dreams. If you feel comfortable it also means you are not hungry because hungry people always do the things that are uncomfortable to take them one step closer to their ambition.

It will show in your level of hungriness. Hungry people do things that normal people can't do. They do things that are irrational, they do things that doesn't make sense to normal people. Even an opportunity that seems to be impossible to give them benefit they will take it.During bad weather they will show up, during the times that they have fever they will show up, during the times when they have no sleep they will still show up, during the times when everybody is relaxing they will still grind. Again this is very simple, if you are comfortable it only means you are not hungry.

November 11, 2015


The word pity is not being used properly nowadays. People use it to make excuses, people use it to get what they want by simply making their self look like a victim. The question is when do we must pity someone? The answer is when he cannot MOVE ANYMORE. Yes that is the only time we must give sympathy to another person. If he cannot move that simply means he maybe dead or he was in a coma or paralyzed by a dangerous disease.

If someone can still move and still in the proper mindset then we must not give pity to him because he can still change his life. He can still turn things around the only problem is he is being dependent, he is making himself look like a human being that has no hope. He just wait for someone's help and if he didn't get it what he will do is cry in the corner and make dramatic antics.

Stop giving sympathy to someone that didn't earn it. If he can still move then he has the power. The only thing is he uses his power to make excuses and attract negative things into his life.

Anyone can change his life only if he stop making excuses, blaming everybody, blaming the government and stop thinking that the world owes him shit. Stop playing the pity party because it will only work for one time but it will not change your life.

The word "Pity" is now widely abused by lazy individuals who are just very good in making dramas that can benefit them. Never fall into this trap. It is not that you are being selfish or cruel but you should be very selective when it comes to helping people. Help people that truly deserve help, like people who were mentally ill, people that are dying. Never help individuals who were strong as a carabao but cannot even use their strength to apply for a new job or take the initiative to at least change their lives a bit.

November 10, 2015


Some people will try to impress you because they know something, sometimes they will make the situation difficult for you because you need what they know and they are playfully testing you and making you look like stupid.

Don't fall into their trap and easily give your power to them. Those people who wants to embarrass you because they know something that you don't know are just pretending to be smart people. Real intelligent people doesn't need to show off that they are intelligent, they even help people who don't know something that they know.

It just happens that some people know what you don't know and you needed that knowledge at that moment. Don't feel down if you don't know something, it is normal that you don't know a lot of things. Not knowing something doesn't mean anything, it doesn't mean that your stupid. It just happens that you did not study that information.

Don't let anybody own you if you don't know something that they know. Never give them power to bully you. Ignore their big mouth and find that information you needed by yourself. Make a research and soon you will know that what they know are just small things.

November 10, 2015


A lot of people out there are giving tips on how to succeed yet there are only few people who succeed so what I am going to write is tell people why they will not fail. I will do something different so I can give another perception and change the ratio of successful people. This article talks about why you will not fail. These are proven reasons and are very effective. You will not fail if you have these reasons:

1. YOU PREPARE HARDER THAN ANYBODY ELSE - If you prepare harder than anybody else then victory is surely on your side. No need to doubt yourself, your skills will standout and they will feel the strength inside of you. You will move effortlessly and confidence is glowing in your image.
Not only in sports or any kind of combat. If you prepare harder than anybody else then you already have the gold in any kind of field may it be a bar exam, spelling bee,  math bee, body building competition etc. If you prepare harder than anybody else then success is not a promise, it is a guarantee. It is a guarantee because your level is very different, you have something that they don't have and that is the strongest desire to win because only those people who prepared the hardest have the strongest desire to win. Your confidence will standout, your body language will impress the judge and your competitors will be scared of you because they are not prepared for you. They are below your level.

2. YOU HAVE THE BELIEF  - If you have the belief then you will not fail, you will succeed for sure because if you have the belief then you will find a way to win. Most people even if they can do something great still fail, Why? because when the going gets tough their belief starts to fade and then they quit. They cannot see that they can win, If you really believe in something then nothing is impossible to you. You are blinded by your desire to succeed and you can do impossible things, you can do extraordinary things that a quitter will not do. You will have the endurance to keep going because your desire is fueled by your belief. 

3. YOU WILL TRY AGAIN - this is the most beautiful reason. You will not fail because you will try again, failure is not the failure itself. It will only be called failure if you quit on trying. Those who keep on trying never fail because succeed is waiting for them. Failure means the inability to keep going, failure means accepting that it is not for you  so if you keep on trying you will not be labelled as a failure. You will be labelled as a repeater and not a failure.

So these are the three reasons why you will not fail. If you have these three reasons then there is no reason for you to worry. Success is already in your bag so stop worrying if you will succeed or not. 

November 09, 2015


You've been working at different projects for different people and who does benefit this kind of action? Is it you or them? You know the answer, you maybe earning money but the growth is not that much.

Making projects for other people is not bad but your sense of purpose as a unique human being is not being used. You are being forced to follow directions, sometimes you have to do what you don't what to do and what happens next is your SOUL is weakening, your passion is dying and growth is no longer experienced.

If you are making a project for others they are the one who is growing and not you. You are just a small part of their success and your works will not be credited in the end. You've wasted a lot of time and those time will never return anymore.

The greatest project is yourself, may it be a continuous self development, pursuing a career, building a business or just setting small goals one day at a time. The greatest investment is investment for yourself and not for others. If you make yourself a project you will surely never fail because you love what you do and you can endure the obstacles that may come as you travel your own path.

If you make yourself a project you will embrace growth everyday and your happiness cannot be matched by any amount of money. You will gain more confidence and you will take pride in any amount of work that you produce. It is ok for you to fail over and over again because this project embodies your pride, soul and passion.

Making yourself a project means you are not wasting your life and you wanted to see how far can you reach and how great you can be.

This is the real meaning of life, pushing yourself to become the best version of you and travelling the journey that your heart is itching to travel.

November 09, 2015


What we feel is what we are. The universe agrees to how we feel. Remember the time when you feel angry and negative and you see.. all the negative people, news, events, problems were also attracted to you.  But remember the time when you feel so happy and you will also remember that life is very easy, effortless and everything is a breeze. It feels like you can't do anything wrong and there is a magic going on with your life.

If you feel less you will also attract less. If you feel that you can't do big things then you will really can't do it even if you are capable of doing it.

But if you feel that you can do big things even if your capabilities and experiences are not enough eventually you will still succeed. Feel more about yourself, those who believe are those who can achieve. This is not about being over confident or cocky. Being cocky has no actions, all it can do is talk but if you are overrating yourself but you are also moving then you are in the right direction.

Overrating yourself is also a good mindset, it gives you a mental edge from your competitors. Always feel the abundance, always feel more. Feel talented, feel blessed, feel great.

If you are just a 5"5 stand like a 5"10, feel like a 5"10, if you do this you will look really tall and more confident. If you are not a good speaker in front of the public, speak anyway, talk like a professional speaker. Breathe and stand like a professional speaker. Trick your mind. Be appreciative of your performance no matter how shaky it seems to be.

If your boss asks you if you can do advance accounting answer him yes even if you can only do basic. After all you can find the solution along the way if you really want to make a good impression for him. Don't be scared to say you can do it because you don't even know if you cannot do it.

It is better to rate yourself rather than others rate you. And the best way to rate yourself is overrate yourself. It is better to become overrated than underrated. Overrated has a feeling of confidence and abundance, you feel that the whole world is on your side while being underrated has a feeling of scarcity and feeling of being treated unfairly.