October 18, 2015


You wish to change your life? you wish that you can give your family and your love ones a better future? But the problem is at the same time you also wanted to pursue your passion. But the problem about pursuing your passion is the money is not showing up easily.

What people mostly do when money is not showing up is they change route, they give up on their dreams and they do the things that will give them money. Is this the right thing to do? Practically it is but when you are thinking about the long run, deciding to leave your passion is the worse thing to do.

IF YOU WANT TO REVERSE THE COURSE YOU SHOULD KEEP ON TAKING THE COURSE. What I mean by this is if you want to change your life you should keep on doing the same thing. You should not change your life if your life is all about your passion.

For example you are in a dance business, you are a very passionate dancer and it is the only thing that you wanted to do everyday. You are a dance maniac and dancing is the number one source of your happiness. But let's face the truth there is no easy money in dancing especially if you're just a beginner. There will be times where you have no show and sources of income is not entering your life.

But that's just the part of it, it is one of the consequences when people follow their passion. Money will become a huge factor and sometimes it will be the deciding factor if you will continue pursuing your passion or not.

I said before that if you want to reverse the course you should keep on taking the course, this is true. You should continue honing your craft, be the best so money will come to you effortlessly. Those people who are the best in their chosen field becomes successful not only in their career but also in attracting money into their lives.

Do you know Sofia Boutella?, she is a great dancer. What she does is she just do what she loves to do, she keeps on dancing everyday, improving everyday then one day she was labelled as the hip hop queen. She was even chosen as an endorser of Nike. She keeps on taking the course that is why she reversed the course. She changed her life. The universe notices her talent, hardwork and sacrifice and rewarded her big.

The lesson in life is you can only change your situation by embracing your situation, keep doing what you love to do, don't stop even if the money is not coming in yet. Money will come if you become an expert, if you become the best in your field. Of course nobody will give an attention to a novice, nobody will give his time to a beginner so your only chance is to become great and great things will come to you. Your life will change if you don't change.

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