October 27, 2015


Are you pursuing something? are you getting tired? Of course NO, the one who is being pursued is the one who gets tired. If you are pursuing success then success will be the one who will get tired and will submit to you in just a matter of time, when will it submit to you? I don't know. It depends on how big the success is but one thing for sure is it will submit to you. You will never get tired because you have the motivation to keep going, you will find way and you will find the strength when you have nothing left in your tank.

Lets change the scenario vice versa. Imagine you have a goal but you are not moving, what do you think will happen? Of course you will be the one who will get tired. In this case the one who is moving is failure, failure is chasing you and you cannot escape it because you are not moving. No matter how you postpone the deadline, no matter how you believe that you can do it you will still fail in the end because the universal rule is the one who doesn't move becomes tired first.

To make the story short, the one who is not doing anything will become more tired. Have you ever watched TV for 8 hours straight but you have an important task to do? Was it relaxing? definitely not, it is more tiring because the other side of your brain wants to work but the other side is procrastinating. It is a huge conflict that makes you mentally exhausted and being exhausted mentally is a lot more pain than exhausted physically.

If you are not moving it means you are not pursuing, you are the one who is being pursued and you are the who will get tired first. Failure is pursuing you, bad things are about to happen so if you have a goal just move, just pursue no matter how difficult the task may be, just keep on going and let success becomes tired and fall into your hands.

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