October 25, 2015


Success is all about remembering. When you feel lazy just remember the days that you worked like an animal, remember those countless hours of passionate work and reaping all the benefits of your effort, remember the reward that you get from working hard, remember them.

When you are in a competition and you feel scared, remember the training that you did. Remember how you perfected a move. Remember how you punish yourself to get to a certain level. Remember all of the sacrifices that you did, once you remember all of the things that you sweat, you will never be scared again.

When you are in a struggle of making money right now just remember how you come to the point where you are rich, remember the flow of your money, remember the feelings of making that big money, remember them all..

Review your script, memorize all the habits that made you successful and never forget them.

Remember all the victories that you experienced. Remember your facial expressions, body language and feelings when you are victorious. Remember them and try to apply them once again, try to emulate the older you when you are still successful.

Sometimes you almost forgot all your efforts from the past that bring you to the top so when you stumble it is really difficult for you to rise again. You worry so much and then you look for the things that went wrong, stop looking for faults instead focus on the solutions.

Stick with the basics, don't look too far ahead and make your mind cluttered. Just remember what made you successful from the past and do it again.

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