October 09, 2015


Ordinary people are very easy to impress, they believe in humors, hypes, false expectations, they follow the crowd and they are easily mesmerized by celebrities, politicians or any other popular human being. If you are one of these people it only means you have no confidence in yourself. You don't love your life so much and you are not thinking big.

If you know your value you will not be very easy to impress, you know that every human beings are created equal and anyone can thrive no matter what his looks, circumstance or situation in life is.

If you work hard and you want to improve everyday, if you are pursuing a passion then you will not be impressed easily by another human being. Especially if you know you work harder than that person, if you are more passionate than that person, you will not give him respect so much. It is not that you are disrespectful but rather you are just giving much respect for yourself than others.

If you endure more sacrifice even if someone is richer than you then you will probably not get impressed with him.

If your goal is to improve everyday, follow your passion and pursuit your dreams then you will not easily get impressed by someone who hasn't proved anything yet. You will not be attracted by people who are just trying to become cute to become successful, You feel bigger to those who are unpassionate individuals and are just trying to get lucky to become successful.

Common people with no common goals or strong passion doesn't give themselves a lot of attention instead they give more attention to others that is why they are not expecting big from themselves. They found their joy from others. They have no control in their emotions and they have weak emotional immune system. When their idol is being bashed they become angry, when their idol is not thriving they become sad. They didn't even know how to live in the right way anymore and celebrate their individuality.

Are you one of these people who are very easy to impress? if yes then you should double check your life. Check what you are doing, are you really happy by just watching other people rise on the top and you are still on the bottom? Are you satisfied with just being a spectator and not an actor? Common you're better than that, express yourself and impress yourself.

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