October 27, 2015


It is very hard to admit and most people don't wanna believe this because they want an easy life. Lets face it...GROWTH ONLY HAPPENS DURING UNCOMFORTABLE SITUATIONS.

Did you ever see a body builder who didn't sore and his muscles grow? Did you ever see a successful politician who was not doubted by the public? Did you ever see an elite athlete who didn't feel any pressure at all?

When you feel uncomfortable it only means that it is an opportunity to grow so embrace it. Never back down to any challenge because those challenges are only barriers to another level. It is normal to feel bad if you want to change, it is normal to feel anxious if you are pursuing something. Never mistaken uncomfortable situations as a sign to stop or change route. just continue what you are doing and let the transformation to your personality happen. Embrace the bad emotions, learn to enjoy it and soon you will feel better.

It is like learning how to swim, you got scared of water. Water will enter your nose, ears and you will even drink water in the pool that has a lot of chlorine but you keep on moving because you want to learn. It is very uncomfortable and sometimes even scary because there will be times where you think you will drown. But you will keep on moving your feet and arms and you manage to control your breathing. Step by step you become relax and steady, the uncomfortable moments will vanish and eventually you already knew how to swim.

If you will not embrace uncomfortable moments then you will not grow, you will let an opportunity to become a better, stronger person pass. Keep in mind that uncomfortable situations will not last, it is temporary and once you overcome it the better person in you is ready to show.

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