October 26, 2015


Most of you after making a choice will think again after the choice has been done. You will think if your choice is the right choice. You will gather data from everywhere, ask your friends or search the largest library and validate if your choice is the right one. The reality is if you have the freedom to choose then any choice is the right choice, there is no choice that is wrong if it really comes from your heart.

Example is you want to buy a car and you are choosing between automatic and manual. After choosing the automatic transmission you felt that your decision is not right because a lot of your friends are telling that manual is much better because it is faster and can save you more money because it consumes lesser gasoline. Wow! other people really know what is best for you.

And because you are valuing so much what other people say you begin to doubt if your decision is right.

Common! never stop doubting if your decision is right or not, once you made it stand for it and believe in it. What makes a choice wrong is you listen to what people say and you compare it to others.

Another example is you are about to buy a pair of shoes and the choices of colors are red and blue. You choose blue but when you see others wearing red and it fits to them perfectly and they look very good you begin to regret the choice that you did. You told yourself that you should have picked red instead.

Another big example is choosing a course in college, this has been a debate for years. Parents always play a big role when it comes to their children choosing the right course. They maybe the one who were paying the tuition fee but you are still the one who must make the decision. If you want to take fine arts but your parents wants you to take nursing just follow your heart. They may say that your decision is wrong because there is lesser money in fine arts. Don't listen to them, appreciate your choice, become the best artist that you can be and in the end you will learn that your choice is right. Don't feel guilty for not following your parents, be happy with your choice and make the best out of it.

If you will learn how to appreciate the choice that you made then you made the right choice. Never compare your choice to others because it will make you feel you made a mistake. Be happy with your choice because it is your conscious decision that time without being affected by others.

Forget about what people say that you should have pick this, you should have pick that. They will make you feel regret because they were just jealous. If they know what is good for you then why don't they do it for themselves.

Always be happy with your choice, always appreciate your choice. Never compare and never regret the decision that you made, that is the only way to know if your choice is right.

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