October 16, 2015


This one is harsh but it is the reality, to those who are sensitive, to those who are guilty stop reading this because this article will stabbed your heart and make you realize how weak you are.

FAILURES PRETENDS THAT THEY ARE STILL BABIES. They want to get pampered, they want the things that they want handed to them so they won't work. If they want money they will ask. If there is something they needed to do even if they can do it they will still ask for help. Basically they want things to become very easy that is why when hardships strike them all they can do is cry, cry like a baby who is asking for his milk.

They can't commit to something because babies never commit, they just want to stay cute forever so people will like them. They want cute things, they want cute environment that is full of candies and fantasies that will make their lives very easy and lazy.

Another thing is failures fights like babies too, when there is a big task ahead of them they just use their 20 percent of strength and then they will quit. They will blame everything, they will blame the situation, they will blame people that is why they cannot finish a big task.

They will pretend that something is hurting. They will pretend that their stomach aches, that they have a toothache, they will pretend that they have a foot injury even though they only have a broken nail. They will pretend that they have a high fever but the reality is they only have a minor headache.

These failure babies are really soft and will fold on the first time that adversity strikes. They felt like a small challenge is like a choker that stops them from breathing. They always believe that the world owes them shit and they needed to be treated special by everyone. They feel like they have a crown and they needed to be respected because they are too special.

They are weak, they complain a lot, they have no commitment and they are so dependent to their mamas and papas or even their friends if they have true ones.

So this is one of the main reason why you are failing, you still feel like you're a baby. You wanted someone to stir your milk, you want somebody to spoon feed you. You can't do it by yourself. My advice my friend is make a stand, man up or woman up. Do what you can do with the best of your abilities. Stop whining when things go wrong, you're not a baby anymore, you're a grown up person and has a lot of promising things to offer.

Act like a grown up individual, take responsibilities for your actions. Stop blaming someone or pulling somebody down. It is you and only you whose responsible for your shortcomings. If your situation is not as good as you expected change it, just do something instead of passing your responsibilities to others. Right now just do what you can do and do more, push more, never complain until you give everything you've got and you come to the point where you have nothing left to give.

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