October 22, 2015


I wrote an article before that says don't rely on someone's strength. It is an article that discusses about trusting on your own strength and never letting someone who you think is stronger than you control your life or dictate the way of your life. Relying on someone's strength will make you weak and irresponsible for your life. you will lose self reliance and you will not take your own initiative to succeed in life. The moment that someone who you are relying to fall you will also fall.

This time I will discuss about never relying on someone's weakness. What do I mean by this? This thing applies in some situations. For example you are an athlete and there is a competition scheduled for you in two weeks, what will you do? Are you going to train harder or will just train the easy way. Most athletes they will just do the things that they are doing everyday. They will run for minutes, do their routine, eat, sleep and sometimes even party because they want to reward themselves for the work that they put in. They do not work harder because they thought their opponent is weak, they hope that their opponent is not doing well on his own training. They rely on their opponent's weakness. They become relaxed and they do not train hard anymore, they train on the lower level so when the competition arrived...they lose.

Another example is a freshman college student, he is so scared because he heard some stories from his friends that are older than him that some of the professors in college were terror and are failing lazy students. He also heard that there were also some professors that are kind and are very easy to pleased. And because he is not relying on his own strength, he wishes that all of his professors are kind and very easy. He wishes that all of his professors are weak and can easily be get by giving some perks and special treatment. He rely on other's weakness so he can thrive easily, he wants an easy life so he doesn't want to encounter professors that have strong characters.

Another example is a bully, he wants to exhibit his strength by bullying some people that are weaker than him. He wants to feel superior so he just look for some people that will not fight back so he can impose his will against them. He always succeed because he never attack people that he thinks will fight back. He uses others' weaknesses to reign supreme and be the man that weak people are terrified.

Using other people's weakness to succeed is a behavior of weak individuals. People who do this has no confidence in their abilities, they do not want to compete, they don't want to work hard so they just wish that people that surrounds them are weak. What if they encounter people that are stronger than them? what will they do? very simple they will submit. If they feel that the situation is hard and uncomfortable they will immediately give up and look for easy way out.

Never expect that your opponent is weak because you train. Never expect that he didn't train and you can have an easy win. If you are expecting that your opponent is weak you will become weak too, you will not train at the higher level and you will take things lightly. The result is poor performance and mediocre showmanship of skills.

Never look for people that are weak so you can easily impose your will and your life will be easier. What if you encounter wolves on your journey? What if you encounter strong characters? They will easily eat you alive and spit on your grave. Always be prepared for strong competition, always prepare at the highest level. Have a mindset that you can adopt to any situation or beat any people along the way.

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