October 28, 2015


A big person cut you in the line for the payment in bills what you gonna do? Tell him that you are in the line first, tell him that he is wrong and you will call a security if he didn't step back. You are not instigating a fight here, you just want to fight for your right. Don't be afraid if the person is big, you don't even know if he knows that he cuts the line, make your presence felt and let him know that he did something wrong. Just say it gently with deep and confident voice and impose your will.

You are part of the debate group and the other school you are competing against is very popular and big. You are stunned and you can't speak because you thought they were better than you. Hey chico, will that kind of mindset gonna help you? If you study enough and you work hard then there is nothing to be afraid of. Don't be afraid to exchange answers with those students, you don't even know if they study enough, just be yourself and aim for the kill. Don't go there just for the sake of going there, be the man, slay those giants.

You are competing with bigger opponents, you got scared because you lack size, you cannot move, you cannot express yourself. Keep in mind that in competition the size of the heart is what matters and not the size of the body. Just execute any single movement from your body with authority, make every movement one hundred percent bold and with full strength. Compete with anyone, slay the giants. After all their size was all in your head. If you don't focus on their size then you will not notice it.

You have a dream and your dream is so big, you got overwhelmed by the giant steps that you need to take in order for you to get there. Any big things can be conquered once divided into small steps. Don't be afraid if your dreams are so big and is frightening enough. We all got scared and it is very normal. Let your vision be the scaler of how big or small a thing is. Let yourself be the judge and always judge in favor of your side.

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