October 19, 2015


A lot of people want to evolve, want to change their lives but they don't know what to do. What are you gonna do if you don't know what to do? It is very simple, decrement your activities. Having a lot of activities will make your mind unfocused, especially if you have activities that are useless and has no benefit for your life. People always thought that if you want to grow you have to do this and do that, do everything, do as much as you can. It is true that doing a lot of activities is cool and will make you grow but in the end you will gas out, you will be so much exhausted and you will be overwhelmed by large number of tasks ahead of you.

Reduce your number of activities especially the useless activities. That is the key to evolution. You should only do the things that will make you grow, stronger and closer to the life that you really want.

If your life is full of bullshits then your progress will not be as quick as you want. If you drink everyday, reduce it. Reduce it to at least twice a week or even once a week. You will be amazed at how big is the change in your life will be. Watching television - this shit is one of the most influential inventions, it takes away the consciousness of everyone, it is the main source of procrastination. I admit I also watch TV, it is really relaxing but if you got overdosed by television then your tummy will grow bigger and your body will become weaker. You will become very unproductive.

Going out with friends a lot, social media, travelling a lot, reading books without sense. It is true that we must have fun but not to the point that all we wanna do is have fun. Recreation is overrated. Sometimes you are just using recreation as an excuse to not do the things that you must. It is ok to do things that are fun to you such as engaging in social media, taking selfies, it is normal but if you really wanted to evolve you must cut the number of hours spending on craps like those. I am not saying that totally remove it in your life, my point is don't make it a major thing in your life.

And when you get rid of those useless things in your life or at least lessen the hours spending on them, that is the start of your evolution. You will evolve even if you don't know what to do. Your passion will reveal itself naturally because you have more time for yourself and not with those craps that takes away your passion. Those number of hours that you waste for doing useless things will be replaced by new habits that will make your life better. I guarantee you, you will only grow if you eliminate the things that you must not do.

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