October 29, 2015


You are so busy that is why you don't have time for exercise but you have time for watching TV and not just watching you even do a movie marathon that is 20 hours straight with your obese friends that cannot even run for 23 seconds. Wow you are really so busy, you have no time because you eat popcorn so match while watching game of bones episode 72 that you already seen for 8 times.

You are so busy that is why you cannot visit your parents. I agree that you have two children but why do you have a lot of time playing poker with your amigos. You even lost 25 gran and fight with your friend because you accuse him of cheating. Then your poor mama called and asking you to visit her and what is your excuse? "Mom I am really so busy right now and I don't have money to go there, I have a lot of bills to pay". The poor mama cried but still understanding her child.

You are so busy that is why you cannot attend your child's program presentation at school then why do you have a lot of time drinking with your friends? you even come home at 5:45 am with lots of kissmarks on your neck. You spend the whole night sing karaoke with bitches and gold diggers and now you don't have time for your child? common you're better than that. Grow up man, you're not a kid anymore.

You are so busy that is why you cannot study the course that you really want then why do you have a lot of time commenting of facebook posts?, you are even caught in an argument on who is the hottest singer in town, you even fight for your idol and make derogatory comments on the other singer. You really don't have time huh?

Being busy is not an excuse, it is just a matter of prioritizing what you wanted the most. if you don't have time then why can you still move? the real meaning of no time is you literally cannot do anything other than what you are doing at the moment. There are lots of successful people out there that are so busy as presidents but still can do the things that they are committed to. Never say that you are busy that is why you cannot make it, just be honest and say "I don't wanna do it".

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