October 29, 2015


Some people are holding themselves back and cannot say their pure intention. I don't know if they are acting humble or are really selling themselves short.

For example a probationary employee will tell his co employees that he really doesn't want to be a regular worker, he just want to finish his 6 month contract and have some food for Christmas. Really? is this what he really wants? Who in the world doesn't want to be a regular employee? Just because he is afraid that he will look so ambitious and arrogant then he will not tell everyone about his dream. What if his team leader hear this story and tell the manager that he doesn't want to be a regular employee? what will his future be like?

Another example is a guy who has a crush on a beautiful lady in their office, his best friend always notices him that he is staring at her. His best friend ask him if he likes that lady and then he answers "No I just like her hair and nothing more than that". Wow! what a pussy move. What will happen next is his best friend upon knowing that he really don't like the girl will confess his own feelings about the lady and wants to court her. What happened now? The power to court the girl will go to this bestfriend because his best friend is not afraid to admit his feelings. His bestfriend will even tell everyone at the office that he likes the lady so no one will court her anymore. And the poor guy who can't admit his feelings will just wait for his turn and wishes that he is the one whose the lady is dating and not his bestfriend. His fantasy was shattered and all he can do is cry at the corner of the office. What a poor guy!

If you want something admit that you like it, don't play the demure effect because only weak people do that. Show your true colors, show your true motive. If you are denying that you want something it only means that you don't want it bad enough and in that case the thing or someone that you are fantasizing will not be attracted to you.

Admitting that you want something will make it easier for you to get that thing. People will know that you want it so some of them will help you. Some of them will become a helping angel and will make your life easier. While some will get jealous at least they know that you want it and they will be afraid to steal it from you. Never be afraid to show your true intention because being true to what you want will make you get what you want.

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