October 20, 2015


Hardwork is often match with the word success. Yes hardwork is the most important element in success but there are lots of people that are very hardworking but are not succeeding, why is that?
It is because their hardwork is just purely hardwork, it has no other meaning. It has no content, it has no ambitions attached with it.

There are 2 kinds of hardwork, here are they:

1.) Maintenance Hardwork - This is just pure a hardwork. People do this to survive and not to thrive. People bust their assess, they outwork everyone because they are afraid that they might lose their job or their bosses might replace them. People with this type of hardwork are like robots. They just follow the protocol, tire themselves get the paycheck and repeat again. They work hard over and over again but their lives aren't changing. The good thing is they survive everyday and the live a pretty decent life. They will regret how they live their lives in the end when they can no longer work because they will feel unaccomplished and cheated by the system. There is nothing wrong if your hardwork is all about maintenance, the only not so beautiful side about this is you are not progressing, you are just working hard because you want to maintain security in your life, you don't want change and you are satisfied with what you have.

2.) Progressive Hardwork - this kind of hardwork is no different from maintenance hardwork when it comes to effort. The only thing that makes it different is this kind of hardwork has a place to go, it has a vision, everyday the person who has this wants to go somewhere. He has a dream, he is not complacent and he does something to better himself everyday. People who has this type of hardwork are usually, businessmen, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, freelancers and people who think they deserve more than their current situation. They don't care about the money because they know they will get big money later, all they want is to become better everyday and improve their current situation a a little bit. How they improve their current situation? i don't know, they are the ones whoe know this for himself. They know it when they improve or not.

People who are engaged in progressive hardwork are chasing something, may it be money, career move or accomplishing something great. They don't work just for the sake of having to work, they work because they want to reach another level in life. They don't let any single day passed without doing anything to make their current situation better.

In other words progressive hardwork has something to do with goals and maintenance hardwork is just surviving the life.

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