October 29, 2015


You are so busy that is why you don't have time for exercise but you have time for watching TV and not just watching you even do a movie marathon that is 20 hours straight with your obese friends that cannot even run for 23 seconds. Wow you are really so busy, you have no time because you eat popcorn so match while watching game of bones episode 72 that you already seen for 8 times.

You are so busy that is why you cannot visit your parents. I agree that you have two children but why do you have a lot of time playing poker with your amigos. You even lost 25 gran and fight with your friend because you accuse him of cheating. Then your poor mama called and asking you to visit her and what is your excuse? "Mom I am really so busy right now and I don't have money to go there, I have a lot of bills to pay". The poor mama cried but still understanding her child.

You are so busy that is why you cannot attend your child's program presentation at school then why do you have a lot of time drinking with your friends? you even come home at 5:45 am with lots of kissmarks on your neck. You spend the whole night sing karaoke with bitches and gold diggers and now you don't have time for your child? common you're better than that. Grow up man, you're not a kid anymore.

You are so busy that is why you cannot study the course that you really want then why do you have a lot of time commenting of facebook posts?, you are even caught in an argument on who is the hottest singer in town, you even fight for your idol and make derogatory comments on the other singer. You really don't have time huh?

Being busy is not an excuse, it is just a matter of prioritizing what you wanted the most. if you don't have time then why can you still move? the real meaning of no time is you literally cannot do anything other than what you are doing at the moment. There are lots of successful people out there that are so busy as presidents but still can do the things that they are committed to. Never say that you are busy that is why you cannot make it, just be honest and say "I don't wanna do it".

October 29, 2015


Some people are holding themselves back and cannot say their pure intention. I don't know if they are acting humble or are really selling themselves short.

For example a probationary employee will tell his co employees that he really doesn't want to be a regular worker, he just want to finish his 6 month contract and have some food for Christmas. Really? is this what he really wants? Who in the world doesn't want to be a regular employee? Just because he is afraid that he will look so ambitious and arrogant then he will not tell everyone about his dream. What if his team leader hear this story and tell the manager that he doesn't want to be a regular employee? what will his future be like?

Another example is a guy who has a crush on a beautiful lady in their office, his best friend always notices him that he is staring at her. His best friend ask him if he likes that lady and then he answers "No I just like her hair and nothing more than that". Wow! what a pussy move. What will happen next is his best friend upon knowing that he really don't like the girl will confess his own feelings about the lady and wants to court her. What happened now? The power to court the girl will go to this bestfriend because his best friend is not afraid to admit his feelings. His bestfriend will even tell everyone at the office that he likes the lady so no one will court her anymore. And the poor guy who can't admit his feelings will just wait for his turn and wishes that he is the one whose the lady is dating and not his bestfriend. His fantasy was shattered and all he can do is cry at the corner of the office. What a poor guy!

If you want something admit that you like it, don't play the demure effect because only weak people do that. Show your true colors, show your true motive. If you are denying that you want something it only means that you don't want it bad enough and in that case the thing or someone that you are fantasizing will not be attracted to you.

Admitting that you want something will make it easier for you to get that thing. People will know that you want it so some of them will help you. Some of them will become a helping angel and will make your life easier. While some will get jealous at least they know that you want it and they will be afraid to steal it from you. Never be afraid to show your true intention because being true to what you want will make you get what you want.

October 28, 2015


A big person cut you in the line for the payment in bills what you gonna do? Tell him that you are in the line first, tell him that he is wrong and you will call a security if he didn't step back. You are not instigating a fight here, you just want to fight for your right. Don't be afraid if the person is big, you don't even know if he knows that he cuts the line, make your presence felt and let him know that he did something wrong. Just say it gently with deep and confident voice and impose your will.

You are part of the debate group and the other school you are competing against is very popular and big. You are stunned and you can't speak because you thought they were better than you. Hey chico, will that kind of mindset gonna help you? If you study enough and you work hard then there is nothing to be afraid of. Don't be afraid to exchange answers with those students, you don't even know if they study enough, just be yourself and aim for the kill. Don't go there just for the sake of going there, be the man, slay those giants.

You are competing with bigger opponents, you got scared because you lack size, you cannot move, you cannot express yourself. Keep in mind that in competition the size of the heart is what matters and not the size of the body. Just execute any single movement from your body with authority, make every movement one hundred percent bold and with full strength. Compete with anyone, slay the giants. After all their size was all in your head. If you don't focus on their size then you will not notice it.

You have a dream and your dream is so big, you got overwhelmed by the giant steps that you need to take in order for you to get there. Any big things can be conquered once divided into small steps. Don't be afraid if your dreams are so big and is frightening enough. We all got scared and it is very normal. Let your vision be the scaler of how big or small a thing is. Let yourself be the judge and always judge in favor of your side.

October 27, 2015


Are you pursuing something? are you getting tired? Of course NO, the one who is being pursued is the one who gets tired. If you are pursuing success then success will be the one who will get tired and will submit to you in just a matter of time, when will it submit to you? I don't know. It depends on how big the success is but one thing for sure is it will submit to you. You will never get tired because you have the motivation to keep going, you will find way and you will find the strength when you have nothing left in your tank.

Lets change the scenario vice versa. Imagine you have a goal but you are not moving, what do you think will happen? Of course you will be the one who will get tired. In this case the one who is moving is failure, failure is chasing you and you cannot escape it because you are not moving. No matter how you postpone the deadline, no matter how you believe that you can do it you will still fail in the end because the universal rule is the one who doesn't move becomes tired first.

To make the story short, the one who is not doing anything will become more tired. Have you ever watched TV for 8 hours straight but you have an important task to do? Was it relaxing? definitely not, it is more tiring because the other side of your brain wants to work but the other side is procrastinating. It is a huge conflict that makes you mentally exhausted and being exhausted mentally is a lot more pain than exhausted physically.

If you are not moving it means you are not pursuing, you are the one who is being pursued and you are the who will get tired first. Failure is pursuing you, bad things are about to happen so if you have a goal just move, just pursue no matter how difficult the task may be, just keep on going and let success becomes tired and fall into your hands.

October 27, 2015


It is very hard to admit and most people don't wanna believe this because they want an easy life. Lets face it...GROWTH ONLY HAPPENS DURING UNCOMFORTABLE SITUATIONS.

Did you ever see a body builder who didn't sore and his muscles grow? Did you ever see a successful politician who was not doubted by the public? Did you ever see an elite athlete who didn't feel any pressure at all?

When you feel uncomfortable it only means that it is an opportunity to grow so embrace it. Never back down to any challenge because those challenges are only barriers to another level. It is normal to feel bad if you want to change, it is normal to feel anxious if you are pursuing something. Never mistaken uncomfortable situations as a sign to stop or change route. just continue what you are doing and let the transformation to your personality happen. Embrace the bad emotions, learn to enjoy it and soon you will feel better.

It is like learning how to swim, you got scared of water. Water will enter your nose, ears and you will even drink water in the pool that has a lot of chlorine but you keep on moving because you want to learn. It is very uncomfortable and sometimes even scary because there will be times where you think you will drown. But you will keep on moving your feet and arms and you manage to control your breathing. Step by step you become relax and steady, the uncomfortable moments will vanish and eventually you already knew how to swim.

If you will not embrace uncomfortable moments then you will not grow, you will let an opportunity to become a better, stronger person pass. Keep in mind that uncomfortable situations will not last, it is temporary and once you overcome it the better person in you is ready to show.

October 26, 2015


Most of you after making a choice will think again after the choice has been done. You will think if your choice is the right choice. You will gather data from everywhere, ask your friends or search the largest library and validate if your choice is the right one. The reality is if you have the freedom to choose then any choice is the right choice, there is no choice that is wrong if it really comes from your heart.

Example is you want to buy a car and you are choosing between automatic and manual. After choosing the automatic transmission you felt that your decision is not right because a lot of your friends are telling that manual is much better because it is faster and can save you more money because it consumes lesser gasoline. Wow! other people really know what is best for you.

And because you are valuing so much what other people say you begin to doubt if your decision is right.

Common! never stop doubting if your decision is right or not, once you made it stand for it and believe in it. What makes a choice wrong is you listen to what people say and you compare it to others.

Another example is you are about to buy a pair of shoes and the choices of colors are red and blue. You choose blue but when you see others wearing red and it fits to them perfectly and they look very good you begin to regret the choice that you did. You told yourself that you should have picked red instead.

Another big example is choosing a course in college, this has been a debate for years. Parents always play a big role when it comes to their children choosing the right course. They maybe the one who were paying the tuition fee but you are still the one who must make the decision. If you want to take fine arts but your parents wants you to take nursing just follow your heart. They may say that your decision is wrong because there is lesser money in fine arts. Don't listen to them, appreciate your choice, become the best artist that you can be and in the end you will learn that your choice is right. Don't feel guilty for not following your parents, be happy with your choice and make the best out of it.

If you will learn how to appreciate the choice that you made then you made the right choice. Never compare your choice to others because it will make you feel you made a mistake. Be happy with your choice because it is your conscious decision that time without being affected by others.

Forget about what people say that you should have pick this, you should have pick that. They will make you feel regret because they were just jealous. If they know what is good for you then why don't they do it for themselves.

Always be happy with your choice, always appreciate your choice. Never compare and never regret the decision that you made, that is the only way to know if your choice is right.

October 26, 2015


                                                   DOING NOTHING IS EVEN MORE TIRING

October 26, 2015


                                  YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY I CAN DO IT UNLESS YOU PROVE IT

October 25, 2015


Success is all about remembering. When you feel lazy just remember the days that you worked like an animal, remember those countless hours of passionate work and reaping all the benefits of your effort, remember the reward that you get from working hard, remember them.

When you are in a competition and you feel scared, remember the training that you did. Remember how you perfected a move. Remember how you punish yourself to get to a certain level. Remember all of the sacrifices that you did, once you remember all of the things that you sweat, you will never be scared again.

When you are in a struggle of making money right now just remember how you come to the point where you are rich, remember the flow of your money, remember the feelings of making that big money, remember them all..

Review your script, memorize all the habits that made you successful and never forget them.

Remember all the victories that you experienced. Remember your facial expressions, body language and feelings when you are victorious. Remember them and try to apply them once again, try to emulate the older you when you are still successful.

Sometimes you almost forgot all your efforts from the past that bring you to the top so when you stumble it is really difficult for you to rise again. You worry so much and then you look for the things that went wrong, stop looking for faults instead focus on the solutions.

Stick with the basics, don't look too far ahead and make your mind cluttered. Just remember what made you successful from the past and do it again.

October 24, 2015



October 22, 2015


I wrote an article before that says don't rely on someone's strength. It is an article that discusses about trusting on your own strength and never letting someone who you think is stronger than you control your life or dictate the way of your life. Relying on someone's strength will make you weak and irresponsible for your life. you will lose self reliance and you will not take your own initiative to succeed in life. The moment that someone who you are relying to fall you will also fall.

This time I will discuss about never relying on someone's weakness. What do I mean by this? This thing applies in some situations. For example you are an athlete and there is a competition scheduled for you in two weeks, what will you do? Are you going to train harder or will just train the easy way. Most athletes they will just do the things that they are doing everyday. They will run for minutes, do their routine, eat, sleep and sometimes even party because they want to reward themselves for the work that they put in. They do not work harder because they thought their opponent is weak, they hope that their opponent is not doing well on his own training. They rely on their opponent's weakness. They become relaxed and they do not train hard anymore, they train on the lower level so when the competition arrived...they lose.

Another example is a freshman college student, he is so scared because he heard some stories from his friends that are older than him that some of the professors in college were terror and are failing lazy students. He also heard that there were also some professors that are kind and are very easy to pleased. And because he is not relying on his own strength, he wishes that all of his professors are kind and very easy. He wishes that all of his professors are weak and can easily be get by giving some perks and special treatment. He rely on other's weakness so he can thrive easily, he wants an easy life so he doesn't want to encounter professors that have strong characters.

Another example is a bully, he wants to exhibit his strength by bullying some people that are weaker than him. He wants to feel superior so he just look for some people that will not fight back so he can impose his will against them. He always succeed because he never attack people that he thinks will fight back. He uses others' weaknesses to reign supreme and be the man that weak people are terrified.

Using other people's weakness to succeed is a behavior of weak individuals. People who do this has no confidence in their abilities, they do not want to compete, they don't want to work hard so they just wish that people that surrounds them are weak. What if they encounter people that are stronger than them? what will they do? very simple they will submit. If they feel that the situation is hard and uncomfortable they will immediately give up and look for easy way out.

Never expect that your opponent is weak because you train. Never expect that he didn't train and you can have an easy win. If you are expecting that your opponent is weak you will become weak too, you will not train at the higher level and you will take things lightly. The result is poor performance and mediocre showmanship of skills.

Never look for people that are weak so you can easily impose your will and your life will be easier. What if you encounter wolves on your journey? What if you encounter strong characters? They will easily eat you alive and spit on your grave. Always be prepared for strong competition, always prepare at the highest level. Have a mindset that you can adopt to any situation or beat any people along the way.

October 20, 2015


Hardwork is often match with the word success. Yes hardwork is the most important element in success but there are lots of people that are very hardworking but are not succeeding, why is that?
It is because their hardwork is just purely hardwork, it has no other meaning. It has no content, it has no ambitions attached with it.

There are 2 kinds of hardwork, here are they:

1.) Maintenance Hardwork - This is just pure a hardwork. People do this to survive and not to thrive. People bust their assess, they outwork everyone because they are afraid that they might lose their job or their bosses might replace them. People with this type of hardwork are like robots. They just follow the protocol, tire themselves get the paycheck and repeat again. They work hard over and over again but their lives aren't changing. The good thing is they survive everyday and the live a pretty decent life. They will regret how they live their lives in the end when they can no longer work because they will feel unaccomplished and cheated by the system. There is nothing wrong if your hardwork is all about maintenance, the only not so beautiful side about this is you are not progressing, you are just working hard because you want to maintain security in your life, you don't want change and you are satisfied with what you have.

2.) Progressive Hardwork - this kind of hardwork is no different from maintenance hardwork when it comes to effort. The only thing that makes it different is this kind of hardwork has a place to go, it has a vision, everyday the person who has this wants to go somewhere. He has a dream, he is not complacent and he does something to better himself everyday. People who has this type of hardwork are usually, businessmen, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, freelancers and people who think they deserve more than their current situation. They don't care about the money because they know they will get big money later, all they want is to become better everyday and improve their current situation a a little bit. How they improve their current situation? i don't know, they are the ones whoe know this for himself. They know it when they improve or not.

People who are engaged in progressive hardwork are chasing something, may it be money, career move or accomplishing something great. They don't work just for the sake of having to work, they work because they want to reach another level in life. They don't let any single day passed without doing anything to make their current situation better.

In other words progressive hardwork has something to do with goals and maintenance hardwork is just surviving the life.

October 19, 2015


A lot of people want to evolve, want to change their lives but they don't know what to do. What are you gonna do if you don't know what to do? It is very simple, decrement your activities. Having a lot of activities will make your mind unfocused, especially if you have activities that are useless and has no benefit for your life. People always thought that if you want to grow you have to do this and do that, do everything, do as much as you can. It is true that doing a lot of activities is cool and will make you grow but in the end you will gas out, you will be so much exhausted and you will be overwhelmed by large number of tasks ahead of you.

Reduce your number of activities especially the useless activities. That is the key to evolution. You should only do the things that will make you grow, stronger and closer to the life that you really want.

If your life is full of bullshits then your progress will not be as quick as you want. If you drink everyday, reduce it. Reduce it to at least twice a week or even once a week. You will be amazed at how big is the change in your life will be. Watching television - this shit is one of the most influential inventions, it takes away the consciousness of everyone, it is the main source of procrastination. I admit I also watch TV, it is really relaxing but if you got overdosed by television then your tummy will grow bigger and your body will become weaker. You will become very unproductive.

Going out with friends a lot, social media, travelling a lot, reading books without sense. It is true that we must have fun but not to the point that all we wanna do is have fun. Recreation is overrated. Sometimes you are just using recreation as an excuse to not do the things that you must. It is ok to do things that are fun to you such as engaging in social media, taking selfies, it is normal but if you really wanted to evolve you must cut the number of hours spending on craps like those. I am not saying that totally remove it in your life, my point is don't make it a major thing in your life.

And when you get rid of those useless things in your life or at least lessen the hours spending on them, that is the start of your evolution. You will evolve even if you don't know what to do. Your passion will reveal itself naturally because you have more time for yourself and not with those craps that takes away your passion. Those number of hours that you waste for doing useless things will be replaced by new habits that will make your life better. I guarantee you, you will only grow if you eliminate the things that you must not do.

October 18, 2015


You wish to change your life? you wish that you can give your family and your love ones a better future? But the problem is at the same time you also wanted to pursue your passion. But the problem about pursuing your passion is the money is not showing up easily.

What people mostly do when money is not showing up is they change route, they give up on their dreams and they do the things that will give them money. Is this the right thing to do? Practically it is but when you are thinking about the long run, deciding to leave your passion is the worse thing to do.

IF YOU WANT TO REVERSE THE COURSE YOU SHOULD KEEP ON TAKING THE COURSE. What I mean by this is if you want to change your life you should keep on doing the same thing. You should not change your life if your life is all about your passion.

For example you are in a dance business, you are a very passionate dancer and it is the only thing that you wanted to do everyday. You are a dance maniac and dancing is the number one source of your happiness. But let's face the truth there is no easy money in dancing especially if you're just a beginner. There will be times where you have no show and sources of income is not entering your life.

But that's just the part of it, it is one of the consequences when people follow their passion. Money will become a huge factor and sometimes it will be the deciding factor if you will continue pursuing your passion or not.

I said before that if you want to reverse the course you should keep on taking the course, this is true. You should continue honing your craft, be the best so money will come to you effortlessly. Those people who are the best in their chosen field becomes successful not only in their career but also in attracting money into their lives.

Do you know Sofia Boutella?, she is a great dancer. What she does is she just do what she loves to do, she keeps on dancing everyday, improving everyday then one day she was labelled as the hip hop queen. She was even chosen as an endorser of Nike. She keeps on taking the course that is why she reversed the course. She changed her life. The universe notices her talent, hardwork and sacrifice and rewarded her big.

The lesson in life is you can only change your situation by embracing your situation, keep doing what you love to do, don't stop even if the money is not coming in yet. Money will come if you become an expert, if you become the best in your field. Of course nobody will give an attention to a novice, nobody will give his time to a beginner so your only chance is to become great and great things will come to you. Your life will change if you don't change.

October 16, 2015


This one is harsh but it is the reality, to those who are sensitive, to those who are guilty stop reading this because this article will stabbed your heart and make you realize how weak you are.

FAILURES PRETENDS THAT THEY ARE STILL BABIES. They want to get pampered, they want the things that they want handed to them so they won't work. If they want money they will ask. If there is something they needed to do even if they can do it they will still ask for help. Basically they want things to become very easy that is why when hardships strike them all they can do is cry, cry like a baby who is asking for his milk.

They can't commit to something because babies never commit, they just want to stay cute forever so people will like them. They want cute things, they want cute environment that is full of candies and fantasies that will make their lives very easy and lazy.

Another thing is failures fights like babies too, when there is a big task ahead of them they just use their 20 percent of strength and then they will quit. They will blame everything, they will blame the situation, they will blame people that is why they cannot finish a big task.

They will pretend that something is hurting. They will pretend that their stomach aches, that they have a toothache, they will pretend that they have a foot injury even though they only have a broken nail. They will pretend that they have a high fever but the reality is they only have a minor headache.

These failure babies are really soft and will fold on the first time that adversity strikes. They felt like a small challenge is like a choker that stops them from breathing. They always believe that the world owes them shit and they needed to be treated special by everyone. They feel like they have a crown and they needed to be respected because they are too special.

They are weak, they complain a lot, they have no commitment and they are so dependent to their mamas and papas or even their friends if they have true ones.

So this is one of the main reason why you are failing, you still feel like you're a baby. You wanted someone to stir your milk, you want somebody to spoon feed you. You can't do it by yourself. My advice my friend is make a stand, man up or woman up. Do what you can do with the best of your abilities. Stop whining when things go wrong, you're not a baby anymore, you're a grown up person and has a lot of promising things to offer.

Act like a grown up individual, take responsibilities for your actions. Stop blaming someone or pulling somebody down. It is you and only you whose responsible for your shortcomings. If your situation is not as good as you expected change it, just do something instead of passing your responsibilities to others. Right now just do what you can do and do more, push more, never complain until you give everything you've got and you come to the point where you have nothing left to give.

October 09, 2015


Ordinary people are very easy to impress, they believe in humors, hypes, false expectations, they follow the crowd and they are easily mesmerized by celebrities, politicians or any other popular human being. If you are one of these people it only means you have no confidence in yourself. You don't love your life so much and you are not thinking big.

If you know your value you will not be very easy to impress, you know that every human beings are created equal and anyone can thrive no matter what his looks, circumstance or situation in life is.

If you work hard and you want to improve everyday, if you are pursuing a passion then you will not be impressed easily by another human being. Especially if you know you work harder than that person, if you are more passionate than that person, you will not give him respect so much. It is not that you are disrespectful but rather you are just giving much respect for yourself than others.

If you endure more sacrifice even if someone is richer than you then you will probably not get impressed with him.

If your goal is to improve everyday, follow your passion and pursuit your dreams then you will not easily get impressed by someone who hasn't proved anything yet. You will not be attracted by people who are just trying to become cute to become successful, You feel bigger to those who are unpassionate individuals and are just trying to get lucky to become successful.

Common people with no common goals or strong passion doesn't give themselves a lot of attention instead they give more attention to others that is why they are not expecting big from themselves. They found their joy from others. They have no control in their emotions and they have weak emotional immune system. When their idol is being bashed they become angry, when their idol is not thriving they become sad. They didn't even know how to live in the right way anymore and celebrate their individuality.

Are you one of these people who are very easy to impress? if yes then you should double check your life. Check what you are doing, are you really happy by just watching other people rise on the top and you are still on the bottom? Are you satisfied with just being a spectator and not an actor? Common you're better than that, express yourself and impress yourself.