September 06, 2015


Motivating yourself is very easy, you'll just need to look around. Find out what is happening around you, what is happening to yourself. Motivation is everywhere. The source of motivation can be either positive or negative.

If your life sucks and you don't have enough money to buy the things that you want then that is a motivation already. Go and change your life, imagine the things that you can have if you only work harder. Become sick and tired of having less and wanting more. Use your shortages as a fire to burn the obstacles on your way. Be relentless, try to look for things that will give you more money. If you are really sick and tired of being broke then do something about it.

When you a see car that you really love while you are walking. Don't get envy with the person who has it. Use it as a motivation, don't just look at it and wish that it was yours. Dream about it, take baby steps to get it, no matter how far you are for getting that car for as long as you are doing something to get it you will get it. I can prove this to you because it already happened to me. I dreamed of a car before and little by little I work my way on top to get it. I dream about it everyday, everytime I go to a mall and see the car that I want, I always touch it feel it and ask the details about it. I do everything in my power to get it and I don't put anything on my mind that will make me feel I couldn't get it.

If you are broken hearted because your partner leaves you for no reason and you can't figure out where did you go wrong use it as a motivation too. Don't be like a hopeless person who thinks you can only be happy if your partner comes back. If he leaves then let him go don't beg for him to come back. What you need to do is make your self stronger, make yourself more attractive, hit the gym, be the sexiest as you can be. Be the richest as you can be so the next time you are tied in a relationship your partner can't lose you because you have so much high value. Make sure the next time your ex sees you his mouth will become watery and his saliva will drop from his mouth. Make him jealous, make him regret his decision for leaving you. Use it as a motivation, becoming a better person is the
strongest revenge.

If someone is thriving, if someone is succeeding use it as a motivation too, don't get jealous instead try to copy his work ethic, do what he does, use him as an inspiration. Become motivated that if he did it you can do it too. Never compete and try to compare yourself to others because it will demotivate you in the long run. You will feel weak if you see someone who is doing better than you so just focus on yourself and don't compare your achievements to others. Use the success of others to inspire you and not to weaken you, be happy with other's achievements and have the mindset that you too can do it.

REJECTION - if you got rejected by a woman, an employer or a long waited opportunity don't get discouraged, instead use this as a motivation. If you got rejected it only means something better is waiting for you. Improve yourself, hone your craft, be the best version of yourself so no one can reject you later. Make sure that the next time you present yourself to someone or something, they cannot ignore you because you are so much great to pass.

See.. everything around you can be used as a motivation, I don't know why a lot of people are complaining that they are so unmotivated and cannot even do the first step. Motivation is just a matter of perspective and changing your outlook in life. Every positive and negative thing is a motivator.

Critics/haters - use them as a motivator, do your best and achieve your goals so they will hate you even more, so they will envy you even more. Achieve what is impossible and they thought you cant get so they won't sleep at night wondering how you made it.

Fat tummy - this is a strong motivator, you hate your body so what will you do about it? common... stand up wear your shoes and run as much as you can, forget about being tired, forget about how much you have to run to make your tummy small. Just run until your big stomach become shy about your hardwork and hide itself. Look at your tummy everyday, measure it, do something about it, do activities that will make you sweat. Just try to improve your body everyday, just do it.

At the end of the day it is still up to you how to find motivation in life, the reality is motivation is everywhere. It can be things, situation, heartbreak, rejection, success etc. It is up to you how you use something as a fuel and not a trigger for self pity.

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