September 14, 2015


I have a classmate in college who is one of my influences in blogging. His blog is pretty successful and I guess he is earning a lot of money. It shows in his lifestyle, he is pretty humble and a little bit secretive. I ask him one question on how to become successful in blogging, he just answered me "just keep on blogging, keep posting everyday, just express yourself and broadcast your thoughts". I said wow that's it? I believe he is saying the right thing, he is one of those people who is not thrifty when giving correct and effective advice.

If you will look at his blog, it doesn't look so attractive. For me it is not even professional but he gets a lot of traffic and fans. It is because he is so consistent and very hardworking. Those attributes that he have covers all the unprofessional look of his blog.

So I decided to create my own blog too, I told to myself I will make a blog that will look very professional, modern and classy like the popular blogs nowadays. I will not even use a subdomain so it will look more elegant and trustworthy. Months have passed and my blog is not doing well, why is it? It is because I rely on the presentation too much, I focus on the look and not the content. I wanted to make it look very professional and flashy but I didn't know that it is not with the looks, it is not needed to look so formal, you still have to focus on your content.

This is the common mistake that our society is still buying nowadays. People wanted to look so formal, elegant, modern and rich but they forgot to invest in their content.

Being formal is also following the norms or following the standards of the majority. One big example here is formal education. Parents want to send their children to well known universities because they thought that in this way their children will have a bright future. In my own personal opinion informal education is far better than formal education why? Because a person tends to choose what knowledge he wants to acquire in his life, also in informal education a person can learn faster because he can directly learn the topics that he needs in his life. On the other hand, formal education has a lot of bullshits going on, you have to study subjects that are not in your interest. I think the better term for formal education is FORCED EDUCATION. The only difference is in formal education you can have a diploma, a piece of paper that every company is looking for when hiring an applicant.

Another example is a couple who is getting ready for their wedding. At first they just wanted their wedding to be simple, they don't want to complicate things but they got influenced by the social media and the people around them. They created a wedding invent that is so formal, classy and elegant. They throw all their savings for the event. The event was successful and a lot of people praised them. But after the wedding they were broke as hell. They even have debts. So was being so formal helpful?

Another example is a student who is very shy to eat street foods. She is very shy because she thinks that she might look cheap. She is not rich and sometimes her allowance can only compensate cheap foods like street foods but she is so shy and don't really wanted to eat cheap foods. Because of her attitude she was forced to skip meals sometimes and for this reason she became sick, she got an ulcer. So what now? is being formal really helpful?

This is one of the biggest problems that our world is facing today. People wants to look good, people wants to look rich, cute, adorable and good smelling. People wants to follow the crowd and didn't want to get left behind. They do not know what is much better in their lives, they always play safe and didn't want to get criticized.

It is time for you to make your own judgement, it is time to stop trying to look cute and mainstream, just be yourself. If you look like cheap so what, if you don't have formal training so what. Just do what will make your life better and stop looking for approval.

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