September 18, 2015


If you think that all of your efforts for pursuing that goal were wasted because you fail, you're wrong. If you think that the hardships that you encounter, the tribulations that make you suffer were just a waste of time, you're wrong again.

Every mistake that you did, every failure that you endure are all part of the design, A design for your success. If you're thinking about quitting you should think again. The universe is just testing you, there is no easy basket in life. Lucky Harry doesn't exist anymore, it's just a fantasy. Wishing for luck will make your life suck.

All the failures and adversities are counted, the universe is counting it. Maybe the universe says you need to face 20 adversities or hundreds of failures then after that you will succeed so never lose faith if you fail over and over again. There is a maximum number of failures that you have to face before you succeed and believe me it really has a maximum. For every person there is a unique number of maximum attempts before succeeding, the higher the maximum the bigger the rewards.

Don't be disgraced if  you fail in bar exam for 11 times. Don't feel weak if you were cut out in a varsity team for 20 times. The more you fail the lesser feeling you will feel about failures. It will become a NO BIG DEAL. Laughter form critics doesn't bother you anymore. You will have a perverted pleasure in challenges and pressure has no effect to you at all.

It is very impossible that there is no ending to your failure, everything has an ending, even victory ends. Failing is never different from winning. If there is a winning streak there is also a losing streak and every streak ends. So just try again you may never know if you already reached the maximum amount of failures needed before succeeding.

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