September 14, 2015


A lot of players out there especially younger players still don't know how to play the game correctly. For example in basketball if a strong team realizes that their opponents are weak and they can easily dethrone them they play the game arrogantly. They make plays that are offensive to their opponents, they trash talk, laugh at the court and they disrespect their opponents. They do it the whole game only to know that they were down by a lot of points and then they lose. They will now make excuses that they did not take the game seriously and they were not challenged. What kind of an attitude was that? Disrespecting your opponents and then making excuses? this is not what winners are all about.

It is ok to enjoy the game, have fun, laugh but it is not ok if you were making stupid moves and arrogant moves to show that you are strong. Look at Anderson Silva, he disrespect Weidman. He play around, clown inside the octagon then Weidman catches him and KO'd him. That is the beginning of his career going down. After that fight he faces a lot of adversity and cannot get back his belt anymore.

You see in life you cannot play around even if you are strong. Nobody is invincible in this world, anything can happen and if you do not take your game, business or life seriously you will go down.

Even in work, even if you are so close to your boss, even if you are in a high position you sill cannot play around. Someone can take your position and there are lot of hungry wolves out there who are willing to die to take your position. You cannot leave yourself unguarded, you must be alert, you must take your business seriously or else your business will take care of you.

There are lot of people out there especially athletes and celebrities. They taste the success for a while and then they blew it out. Once they get the money and big paycheck they started to act like kings. They party a lot, they drink, take drugs only to know that they were already broke and their lives were fucked up.

You cannot play around once you taste a little success. Success is a big responsibility, it is supposed to be maintained and not to refrained. If you are already strong, if you have great momentum keep it going. Never put in your mind that you are already the best because once you do this you're in great trouble. People who stop taking actions to improve themselves stop growing, they even fall down.

It is a must to stop being cocky if you feel a little stronger to others. You should live every second competitively, you should play the game correctly.

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