September 15, 2015


Admit it, you also have been fooled once or more in your life by these fake authorities claiming that they know a lot and they know what is better for you. They will bring you down, make you feel bad and make you lose hope if you are pursuing something. Let me give you some examples based on my experiences:

After taking a College admission exam. One of my neighbors talked to me and asked me what university did I take an exam, I told him the university and he immediately replied that I am not allowed to go there because I have no car. He use that metaphor because there are lots of rich students studying in that university. I am a little bit scared because I love that university and if I pass and enroll there I might feel that I don't belong. After days of research about the university I found out that there are lots of students that have no car in that university. Wow I got fooled by an envy loser, maybe he thinks that I am so ambitious and maybe he is just jealous because I am capable of enrolling in that university. The right person to talk to about this case is the dean of the university, I should ask him if I am allowed to enroll even if I have no car, I should ask him if there are rules in the university that it is not allowed to accept middle class people. And even if there are lots of  rich students in that university, it is still none of my business. My objective is to study and not to socialize. What a fool am I before to believe that idiot.

Another example is some people say that only rich people have the right to take a Medicine course. I also believe in this assumption before but maybe the right person to ask is the father of Medicine. I don't know who he is but I am very sure that his answer will be "are you kidding me?, there is no rich nor poor in the field of medicine"  Yeah it is expensive to study medicine but will that stop you if you really wanted to become a doctor? where will you get money is I don't know but all I know is there is a way, you'll just have to bust your ass and do multiple jobs a day in order to have the money needed for your education.

Some people also say that only tall people can try out for a basketball team. This time you should not ask anybody, not even the greatest basketball player or coach. This time the only person that you should ask is yourself. If you believe enough that you can do it then you can do it. There are lots of 5"5 players out there that reach the NBA. How about Muggsy Bogues? he is only 5"3 but he still made it to the top. The right person to ask if you can do it is only YOU. No other than you because it is you that will do the training, it is you that should persevere and it is you that will put the dedication. You are the authority, you are the doer and you are the claimer of your dreams. Never ask someone who hasn't even dare to try great things in his life. There are lots of pretenders out there telling you that you can't do this and you can't do that. Look at their lives, they are just here in this planet Earth to criticize and watch other people's lives.

If you wanted to do something big and you needed a person to ask if your dream is possible just ask the person who have done it before. I am very sure they will tell you that you can do it because what successful people does is motivate and encourage everyone that they too can get their dreams. Never ask people who has no credentials or those who are just pretending that they knew something but in reality is they don't.

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