September 11, 2015


There were kinds of beliefs, I don't know if this topic was already tackled by someone out there but I have my own version. Belief is the most important element when you are pursuing a goal, without belief you will easily get frustrated by hardships and will immediately quit once overwhelmed by the difficulty of the situation. Belief is the feeder of the desire and the gasoline for action.

These are different kinds of beliefs that people have here are they:

1. INFUSED BELIEF - This is a kind of belief that is not natural, this belief came from external elements such as parents, friends, social media, coach or any other sources that just influence someone's mind. People who have infused beliefs normally are just common people, they are not risk takers. They usually follow the crowd and cannot even decide on their own, they need approval and they are so afraid of critics. Peer pressure is a big influence for this kind of belief. This kind of belief ends in regret and people who has this realized what they miss in life when they are already old and cannot do something about their situation anymore.

2. BELIEF BY EXPERIENCE - this is a belief made by different experiences in life. Experiences can be good or bad. People who have this kind of belief are very careful in making decisions. They make their decisions based on their experiences that is why they are sometimes very hard to convince if what they saw is in contrast to their experience. This kind of belief is very narrow and traditional, it is not open to changes and it is very rational. This is a play safe belief and it only expand if good experiences come in.

3. FAKE BELIEF - this is a belief that was created by a person for the sake of fooling himself and making himself feeling good or proud. For example a boxer that is telling everyone that can he can KO his future opponent but in reality he is doubting himself and he is afraid of his opponent. He just wants to tell everyone that he is not scared and he train so hard for the fight but in reality he is doubting himself because he screwed up in his training.

4. TEMPORARY BELIEF - This is a belief that is real but weak, what do I mean by that? for example a dreamer wants to pursue his dream so he decided to start it, he keeps on pushing everyday and make extra ordinary effort but when he see that results are not showing his belief becomes weak, everyday he is starting to doubt his belief and he is wondering if what he's doing is still making any sense. This belief usually comes from people who has weak willpower and wants instant gratification. What they do is they believe that they can do something great but when perseverance is needed the most they always start to take another route. This belief is possessed by people who were only good at the beginning but very weak in the end.

5. CHOSEN BELIEF - this is an unbreakable belief, usually great people have this kind of belief. This is a belief that is not affected by people, circumstances or difficulty. For example an ordinary guy chooses to believe that he can make it to the olympics despite of not being a professional in his chosen sport. No matter what adversity comes on his way and no matter how harsh are the critics he received he still chooses to follow his dreams. He will not give up, he is committed 100 percent and his belief is growing everyday. This belief is not influenced by any kind of person no matter how big that person may be. This belief is self imposed and as I have said only great people with independent judgement have this.

So what kind of belief do you have? is it helping you to make your life better and achieve your dreams or is it just a belief that will make your dreams hang in the air?

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