September 18, 2015


This is a great weapon, if you have this you can thrive so easily. You cannot be affected by what people say, you will never break down mentally and you have an edge to anyone. This is called INVISIBLE INVINCIBLE SHIELD. It is invisible because it cannot be seen, it is invincible because it cannot be broken. If you have this weapon nothing is impossible to you and you can accomplish almost anything.

So what is this shield? it's a MINDSET. As simple as it is. If you have the mindset of being ok with critics then you won't get hurt emotionally. If you have the mindset that anything is achievable and any setback is just part of the progress then you'll be OK.

This may sounds crazy but it is true. We experience pain because we thought of it as painful but the reality is if we will divert our focus from pain to better things then our lives will become easier.

So how can we develop this shield? Some people have it already, these people are born with it so they are a little bit lucky. They are the people who just don't care and they have a very positive outlook in life. They just take life as it is, we often see them complaining about life. Well the good news is if you don't have this kind of shield yet you can have it too. Just practice everyday, guard your emotions. If something or someone is causing you pain just ignore it. Imagine that you have a shield that do the protection from pain. This is not escaping from reality this is looking reality in a different way.

If someone backstabbed you and is spreading false news about your personality, don't confront him, don't even give him an attention, just pretend that he doesn't exist. If there is an obstacle that is hitting you while you are pursuing your goal just imagine that you have a shield and you can't be stopped no matter how hard the obstacle hits you. They key here is the more you ignore something that gives you negative emotion, the stronger your shield will be. 

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