September 24, 2015


Don't wish for a perfect world because it will never exist. Don't expect that all people will be nice to you even if you are the nicest person in the world. The reality is there are lots of assholes out there that will try to hurt you and demotivate you if you allow them to.

Just accept that the world is composed of people with different personalities and never expect something good in return if you do something good for the human race. Life is unfair but you will get what you deserve. Accept that not all people are nice and some will piss you off, some are very annoying and some are not healthy for your life, just accept it.

Anyway there is still positive side on people not being nice to you if you will just set your mind in the proper way.

If  all people were nice you will lose motivation, this is 100 percent true. You will lose the desire to work hard because nothing will challenge you. No one will feed your fire.

If you are living in a place where there is no traffic, where there is no annoying neighbor and people are giving you food everyday do you think you will work harder to find another place? DEFINITELY NOT. What if the place where you live sucks, all the neighbors were impolite, loud and making a lot of gossips in you what will be your initial reaction? Of course you will find a better place and in order for you to do that you will work harder than before.

What if your coach is very nice to you and not pushing you to your limits? do you think you will become a better athlete? what if he is just watching you and not criticizing your mistakes or bad habits, how will you grow?

What if your parents were very nice to you too and were giving you all your needs, even the things that you don't necessarily need, do you think you will become responsible? Do you think you will have the motivation to study hard and discipline yourself if you are being spoiled by your parents? sometimes your parents needs to implement unbreakable rules to raise you even better.

In a competitive world of sports the one who talks bad serves as a great motivator. Their competitors work harder to beat them and prove them wrong.

So don't feel bad if people were not being nice to you, they can serve as a strong motivation. They can bring out the best in you if you will set your mind in the proper way.

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