September 16, 2015


The problem with us people is we always wanted to start externally, we always wanted to change what we see. We wanted to help others but we cannot help ourselves. We want a clean surrounding but we cannot clean our house first. We always criticize others but we never look at ourselves first.

Change starts on the inside and not on the outside. If we cannot change ourselves then we cannot change the people around us. You should start internally so the outcome of your work will be nothing but the truth and full of value.

In anything that you do may it be in your work, business, athletics, art or just a simple task always start internally. Starting internally means just focusing on yourself, focusing on how will you do it, focusing on your good feelings and not caring about what other people say. If you focus on what you feel, if you focus on your inside then good things happen, all work will be effortless and there will be peace in every movement that you do.

If you don't start internally in anything that you are doing you will be confused, why? because you will listen to what people say. You will find fault in others, you will get easily distracted because you never follow your heart and you didn't trust your own judgement.

If you really wanted to succeed in life and have peace just start internally, forget what is outside of your grid. Improve yourself first, become successful first then help others later.

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