September 26, 2015


You feel motivated? really?, what motivational video did pumped you up? what motivational quote did change your life completely? Did you take an action immediately after attending a seminar of a well known motivator? Did you jump into your task right away after hearing an inspirational story?

I bet you did not. I am very sure that after you hear or watch some breath taking motivation you are still completely stuck. I know this because it also happened to me. How many of you are awakened by motivation? Did you really believe that if you watch a one hour motivational video you will have an amazing comeback?

The title of this article is MOTIVATION IS CHEATING YOU but it is just a metaphor. It may be cheating you or you maybe cheating yourself.

I will tell you the real power of motivation. Motivation for many of us thinks that its purpose is to make us start, some of us thinks that it gives us power to begin and succeed. Motivation is not created to get you started rather to keep you going. Motivation doesn't appear in the beginning of goals, it appears in the middle of your journey, while you are struggling.

Its main purpose is to give you strength if you want to give up, it reminds you how good you are, how bad do you want it and how possible is your dream to happen. Motivation gives you hope and it only appears during hard times, during adversity. It doesn't appear when you are feeling good, it doesn't appear when everything is fine.

So if you want to start something stop motivating yourself, just do it. Motivation will not appear if you are not doing anything. Motivation appears in the middle of an action.

You should only motivate yourself when you're in the middle of something, if you feel like you are losing power to go on. Stop watching motivational videos or reading motivational quotes if you haven't started something yet, it will only make you stuck and will make you addicted to a lot of motivational stuffs but will not make you move. Motivation is really powerful if use in the right timing and the right way.

Did you ever see someone who sets his goal and very pumped up in the beginning but will fade right away after experiencing a little difficulty? very funny isn't it. It is because he didn't use motivation in the right time. What he does is he builds hype for himself, he spread his plan to the world and then forgot to stay motivated.

When you feel so tired, when you want to give up that is the time to use motivation. Remember all the quotes that you learned when you were young, remember what your father or your mentor thought you. Go back to the past when you achieved something great and remember the feeling of overcoming the obstacles. Every person has did something great in his life even if he is not that successful so just go back to the time where you are really proud of achieving something, the time where you put a lot of effort and sacrifice just to achieve something.

It is just a matter of conditioning your mind and reviving the fire that is sleeping within.

September 24, 2015


Don't wish for a perfect world because it will never exist. Don't expect that all people will be nice to you even if you are the nicest person in the world. The reality is there are lots of assholes out there that will try to hurt you and demotivate you if you allow them to.

Just accept that the world is composed of people with different personalities and never expect something good in return if you do something good for the human race. Life is unfair but you will get what you deserve. Accept that not all people are nice and some will piss you off, some are very annoying and some are not healthy for your life, just accept it.

Anyway there is still positive side on people not being nice to you if you will just set your mind in the proper way.

If  all people were nice you will lose motivation, this is 100 percent true. You will lose the desire to work hard because nothing will challenge you. No one will feed your fire.

If you are living in a place where there is no traffic, where there is no annoying neighbor and people are giving you food everyday do you think you will work harder to find another place? DEFINITELY NOT. What if the place where you live sucks, all the neighbors were impolite, loud and making a lot of gossips in you what will be your initial reaction? Of course you will find a better place and in order for you to do that you will work harder than before.

What if your coach is very nice to you and not pushing you to your limits? do you think you will become a better athlete? what if he is just watching you and not criticizing your mistakes or bad habits, how will you grow?

What if your parents were very nice to you too and were giving you all your needs, even the things that you don't necessarily need, do you think you will become responsible? Do you think you will have the motivation to study hard and discipline yourself if you are being spoiled by your parents? sometimes your parents needs to implement unbreakable rules to raise you even better.

In a competitive world of sports the one who talks bad serves as a great motivator. Their competitors work harder to beat them and prove them wrong.

So don't feel bad if people were not being nice to you, they can serve as a strong motivation. They can bring out the best in you if you will set your mind in the proper way.

September 23, 2015


Feel bad first then feel good at the end, this is the right order of feelings. What do I mean by this? A lot of you folks want to feel good right away and doesn't want to feel bad forever so when you feel bad it is very hard for you to get away with that feeling.

If you have an exam tomorrow, you wanted to feel good even if there is a need to face the pressure, so what you do is you watch TV the whole night before the exam. What happens next is when you are about to answer the first question of the exam you feel bad, you feel bad because you don't know the answer, what's worse is the bad feeling amplifies as the exam goes on. It is because you are already thinking about failing, you are already thinking about your parents or your guardian spanking your lazy ass.

If you want instant gratification you will get instant destruction.

You want to become an athlete but you don't want to endure the hardships of the training. What you do is you just party around, act like a clown and when the tryout for a team comes you are out of shape. You can't feel good first and then feel good again. Life is a roller coaster of emotions, accept the fact that you cannot feel good forever. It is normal to experience a little bit of pain, a little bit of struggle and some unfair treatments from different types of people.

Another example is you have a girlfriend, you are so in love with here. You want to feel the emotion of making love with her so what you do is you hump her all day long even though you don't have a job. What happens next? she became pregnant and you don't know what to do, you don't have the money to support your future child. This is what happens when people wants to experience instant pleasure and is not aware of the next consequence. If you just abstain until you have a good job then your future will not be in big trouble.

I am not saying that you should feel bad first then joy comes after. Anyone can feel bad, you can feel bad about having less money, you can feel bad about traffic, you can feel bad about your neighborhood etc. but what comes after that? NOTHING. What I am trying to point out is feeling bad about sacrifice. It is about feeling bad the right way.

It feels bad to go to a commitment without sleep but what happens if you didn't go and just enjoy sleeping first? You will feel bad later because your business will go down. It feels bad to exercise everyday, it is more fun to eat fatty and shitty foods but what happens in the long run? your blood pressure is higher than the Mt. Everest, one more slice of pork and your heart will explode. Was it fun?

Accept the reality that life is not all about pleasures, if it is all about pleasures and living like a king then we are all participants for the BIG LOSER. There will be no great athletes or successful individuals, there will be no great achievements. Our world will be occupied by lazy people and there will be no progress at all.

It is ok if you are feeling bad now because of preparing for something, just stay with that feeling and eventually you will feel a lot better in the long run.

September 21, 2015


Well I heard this sentences before: "accept what you can't control", "accept your situation", "accept what you have in life", "acceptance will give you peace". Well I don't what they really mean. For me acceptance means laziness, acceptance means cowardice, acceptance means letting others control you.

If you really know the meaning of life. If you really know that you only have one life are you going to accept what you have if you think you deserve better?

Are you going to accept that you are just a bench player? are you going to accept that you only earn $500 a month? are you going to accept that people are not treating you right? are you going to accept that you have a very small house? are you going to accept the bullying from other people? are you going to accept that some people controls you? are you going to accept that you are not a risk taker? If you accept these kind of things you will regret that you didn't do something to change your situation. You will regret it in the end.

The reason why you are accepting your situation for now is because you don't want to get hurt, you always play it safe, you don't want to get criticized, you are afraid to fight.

If someone pretending to be a genius has told you that you cannot do something great are you going to accept it? Most people accepts it because fear has taken control their mind. Their fear of failure is bigger than their desire to succeed. They are afraid of people laughing at them if they fail. That is why they accept other people's opinions even if their heart is urging them to at least try.

In the end you will regret all the things that you didn't do, you will regret that you just accept your life as it is and didn't do something to make it better. You will regret all the times that you just endure the sufferings that you know in yourself you can do something about it.

One of the biggest lessons in life is appreciate what you have for the moment but don't be afraid to change it. Don't accept that you don't have the power to change your life.

September 20, 2015


Are you being called with a nickname that you really don't want? for example weak, chicken, soft or is your name being associated with adjectives that you didn't like? for example Coward Howard, Lazy Daisy, Bitch Mitch, Slave Dave, Slow Joe etc.

Some people are really mean and they will give you a moniker that you didn't like just to piss you off. Even if you are not doing something to them they will just call you some words that will really destroy your confidence. This is difficult because some people will follow the one who started it and they will do this to you everyday, they will have fun calling you an ugly name and they will not even use your real name anymore.

Don't worry if you succeed in life especially if you succeed big time they will lose power in calling you such names that you didn't like. They will see you as something special and they will get intimidated by the success that you achieve. They will even treat you nicer and with such respect because they know you are bigger than them.

They call you such names or ugly descriptions before but things will change. The moniker that they gave to you before will be erased and replace by a new, good smelling and strong moniker. Loser will turn to Winner, Lazy will turn to Nasty, Bitch will turn to Rich, Ugly will turn to Beauty, Lame will turn to Big Game etc.

First of all if you don't want to be called by ugly names you should stop it from the beginning, you should tell the person who is doing it to you that you don't like being called by such names, if he didn't stop just ignore him but most of all let him feel that you feel bad everytime he is doing it to you. Don't respond to him if he didn't call your name the right way. But if he didn't stop all you can do is become successful, it may be a long process but for sure it will work. You will gain respect not by being fearful but for being successful.

September 18, 2015


This is a great weapon, if you have this you can thrive so easily. You cannot be affected by what people say, you will never break down mentally and you have an edge to anyone. This is called INVISIBLE INVINCIBLE SHIELD. It is invisible because it cannot be seen, it is invincible because it cannot be broken. If you have this weapon nothing is impossible to you and you can accomplish almost anything.

So what is this shield? it's a MINDSET. As simple as it is. If you have the mindset of being ok with critics then you won't get hurt emotionally. If you have the mindset that anything is achievable and any setback is just part of the progress then you'll be OK.

This may sounds crazy but it is true. We experience pain because we thought of it as painful but the reality is if we will divert our focus from pain to better things then our lives will become easier.

So how can we develop this shield? Some people have it already, these people are born with it so they are a little bit lucky. They are the people who just don't care and they have a very positive outlook in life. They just take life as it is, we often see them complaining about life. Well the good news is if you don't have this kind of shield yet you can have it too. Just practice everyday, guard your emotions. If something or someone is causing you pain just ignore it. Imagine that you have a shield that do the protection from pain. This is not escaping from reality this is looking reality in a different way.

If someone backstabbed you and is spreading false news about your personality, don't confront him, don't even give him an attention, just pretend that he doesn't exist. If there is an obstacle that is hitting you while you are pursuing your goal just imagine that you have a shield and you can't be stopped no matter how hard the obstacle hits you. They key here is the more you ignore something that gives you negative emotion, the stronger your shield will be. 

September 18, 2015


If you think that all of your efforts for pursuing that goal were wasted because you fail, you're wrong. If you think that the hardships that you encounter, the tribulations that make you suffer were just a waste of time, you're wrong again.

Every mistake that you did, every failure that you endure are all part of the design, A design for your success. If you're thinking about quitting you should think again. The universe is just testing you, there is no easy basket in life. Lucky Harry doesn't exist anymore, it's just a fantasy. Wishing for luck will make your life suck.

All the failures and adversities are counted, the universe is counting it. Maybe the universe says you need to face 20 adversities or hundreds of failures then after that you will succeed so never lose faith if you fail over and over again. There is a maximum number of failures that you have to face before you succeed and believe me it really has a maximum. For every person there is a unique number of maximum attempts before succeeding, the higher the maximum the bigger the rewards.

Don't be disgraced if  you fail in bar exam for 11 times. Don't feel weak if you were cut out in a varsity team for 20 times. The more you fail the lesser feeling you will feel about failures. It will become a NO BIG DEAL. Laughter form critics doesn't bother you anymore. You will have a perverted pleasure in challenges and pressure has no effect to you at all.

It is very impossible that there is no ending to your failure, everything has an ending, even victory ends. Failing is never different from winning. If there is a winning streak there is also a losing streak and every streak ends. So just try again you may never know if you already reached the maximum amount of failures needed before succeeding.

September 17, 2015


You have to accept that your style may not be likable by everybody, some people or even a lot of people may not like what you are doing. You cannot please everyone and that is a fact.

So if you are the center of attention in a show, sports game, public speaking, concert or whatever it is you still have to finish what you are doing. You still have to perform at your best because that is the best thing to do. It doesn't matter if people laughs at you. It doesn't matter if you are being booed, all that matters is you still enjoy what you are doing. 

If you listen to them while you are performing then you will suck even more, you will become more uncomfortable and you will not be able to show what you've got. You will not be able to show what you really are to other people. Some people may dislike you but one thing for sure some people are also interested in what you are doing. 

If you are performing and you feel like people are not liking what you are doing just keep going and do your best even more. It's not your business to become concern for what they feel and what they think. It is your duty to please yourself and not others.

Have you seen professional performers that was booed on stage? One thing that I noticed with them is they do not rattle, they just do what they need to do regardless of what people say. Some were even bottled but they keep their composure and they finish their performance. 

Because if you don't finish your performance people will hate you even more, and you will look like a loser that has no classy attitude. 

Just keep in mind that you do what you are doing not to please people, you do what you do to express yourself and it's just a bonus if people like it. If they don't, it's not a big deal.

September 16, 2015


Majority of people around the world wants a big name, of course who doesn't want? Having a big name will give you a lot of advantage, people will give you special treatment and a lot of perks will fall into your hands with less effort exerted. Public recognizes you and people expects a lot from you. Some people with big names abuses their authority and step other people's feet without any form of second thought. It is what it is, if a person is popular he already has an advantage.

Some people were born with big names already because they are the children of a well know politician, millionaire businessman, world class athletes, celebrities and other person whose name is so popular. It makes life easier for them, they don't have to work extra hard to get on top. That is why some of them are cocky and so proud, it is because they have everything and they don't need to face a lot of bullshits anymore.

What if you don't have a big name? how will you make your way on top? Well there is only one answer for that - HARDWORK. There is nothing else you can do but to work hard and outwork everyone if you want to make it to the top. But having no big name has some advantages too but most of them comes from mental advantage, here are some of them:

1. You have a mindset of nothing to lose

Because you don't have anything in your life and you came from an unknown background what is left for you to lose? NOTHING. That gives you a big advantage, people who already have names are so scared that they might screwed up that is why all of their actions are so conservative. People who have nothing to lose are risk takers and desperate, they can make actions that are out of the box and can put them into a best position to succeed. If you have nothing to lose are you scared of losing? DEFINITELY NOT.

2. It doesn't matter if you choke because people doesn't expect a lot from you.

If you fall short, if you rattle during pressure times people will not criticize you so much because they are not expecting anything from you. They expect you to fail so it is not new to them. Again that takes away a lot of pressure from you and it will also give you stronger motivation to prove them that they are wrong for counting you out. It gives you another mental edge.

3. You don't have any other destination but to move on top

You've been down for your entire life so any movement that you make is making you closer to the top. There is no other destination other than top. All you can do is rise because you came from the bottom, what is lower than bottom? NOTHING. Every positive move you make is a progress. There is no wrong step for you. Just make sure anything you do or think is positive because there is no progress in doing such negative things, it will only slow down your journey to success.

4. There is lesser pressure for you to perform well.

You don't have a fan base so there will be no people who will get disappointed if you lose.This only means lesser pressure to you again. But this doesn't mean you don't have to perform well, you still have to do your best even if there is no one expecting you to win. Lesser pressure means freedom and a lot of air to breathe, you are loose when competing so you can become very creative and more expressive.

That is why people with big names especially in sports doesn't want to compete with athletes that have no names. It is not because they are not challenged, it is because they have too much to lose. They are afraid because people with no names are hungrier and wanted to make a name for themselves.

So don't feel small if you have no name because you have a big advantage, if you fall short, if you screwed up you have nothing to lose. You are free to do what you wanted to do. 

September 16, 2015


The problem with us people is we always wanted to start externally, we always wanted to change what we see. We wanted to help others but we cannot help ourselves. We want a clean surrounding but we cannot clean our house first. We always criticize others but we never look at ourselves first.

Change starts on the inside and not on the outside. If we cannot change ourselves then we cannot change the people around us. You should start internally so the outcome of your work will be nothing but the truth and full of value.

In anything that you do may it be in your work, business, athletics, art or just a simple task always start internally. Starting internally means just focusing on yourself, focusing on how will you do it, focusing on your good feelings and not caring about what other people say. If you focus on what you feel, if you focus on your inside then good things happen, all work will be effortless and there will be peace in every movement that you do.

If you don't start internally in anything that you are doing you will be confused, why? because you will listen to what people say. You will find fault in others, you will get easily distracted because you never follow your heart and you didn't trust your own judgement.

If you really wanted to succeed in life and have peace just start internally, forget what is outside of your grid. Improve yourself first, become successful first then help others later.

September 15, 2015


Admit it, you also have been fooled once or more in your life by these fake authorities claiming that they know a lot and they know what is better for you. They will bring you down, make you feel bad and make you lose hope if you are pursuing something. Let me give you some examples based on my experiences:

After taking a College admission exam. One of my neighbors talked to me and asked me what university did I take an exam, I told him the university and he immediately replied that I am not allowed to go there because I have no car. He use that metaphor because there are lots of rich students studying in that university. I am a little bit scared because I love that university and if I pass and enroll there I might feel that I don't belong. After days of research about the university I found out that there are lots of students that have no car in that university. Wow I got fooled by an envy loser, maybe he thinks that I am so ambitious and maybe he is just jealous because I am capable of enrolling in that university. The right person to talk to about this case is the dean of the university, I should ask him if I am allowed to enroll even if I have no car, I should ask him if there are rules in the university that it is not allowed to accept middle class people. And even if there are lots of  rich students in that university, it is still none of my business. My objective is to study and not to socialize. What a fool am I before to believe that idiot.

Another example is some people say that only rich people have the right to take a Medicine course. I also believe in this assumption before but maybe the right person to ask is the father of Medicine. I don't know who he is but I am very sure that his answer will be "are you kidding me?, there is no rich nor poor in the field of medicine"  Yeah it is expensive to study medicine but will that stop you if you really wanted to become a doctor? where will you get money is I don't know but all I know is there is a way, you'll just have to bust your ass and do multiple jobs a day in order to have the money needed for your education.

Some people also say that only tall people can try out for a basketball team. This time you should not ask anybody, not even the greatest basketball player or coach. This time the only person that you should ask is yourself. If you believe enough that you can do it then you can do it. There are lots of 5"5 players out there that reach the NBA. How about Muggsy Bogues? he is only 5"3 but he still made it to the top. The right person to ask if you can do it is only YOU. No other than you because it is you that will do the training, it is you that should persevere and it is you that will put the dedication. You are the authority, you are the doer and you are the claimer of your dreams. Never ask someone who hasn't even dare to try great things in his life. There are lots of pretenders out there telling you that you can't do this and you can't do that. Look at their lives, they are just here in this planet Earth to criticize and watch other people's lives.

If you wanted to do something big and you needed a person to ask if your dream is possible just ask the person who have done it before. I am very sure they will tell you that you can do it because what successful people does is motivate and encourage everyone that they too can get their dreams. Never ask people who has no credentials or those who are just pretending that they knew something but in reality is they don't.

September 14, 2015


A lot of players out there especially younger players still don't know how to play the game correctly. For example in basketball if a strong team realizes that their opponents are weak and they can easily dethrone them they play the game arrogantly. They make plays that are offensive to their opponents, they trash talk, laugh at the court and they disrespect their opponents. They do it the whole game only to know that they were down by a lot of points and then they lose. They will now make excuses that they did not take the game seriously and they were not challenged. What kind of an attitude was that? Disrespecting your opponents and then making excuses? this is not what winners are all about.

It is ok to enjoy the game, have fun, laugh but it is not ok if you were making stupid moves and arrogant moves to show that you are strong. Look at Anderson Silva, he disrespect Weidman. He play around, clown inside the octagon then Weidman catches him and KO'd him. That is the beginning of his career going down. After that fight he faces a lot of adversity and cannot get back his belt anymore.

You see in life you cannot play around even if you are strong. Nobody is invincible in this world, anything can happen and if you do not take your game, business or life seriously you will go down.

Even in work, even if you are so close to your boss, even if you are in a high position you sill cannot play around. Someone can take your position and there are lot of hungry wolves out there who are willing to die to take your position. You cannot leave yourself unguarded, you must be alert, you must take your business seriously or else your business will take care of you.

There are lot of people out there especially athletes and celebrities. They taste the success for a while and then they blew it out. Once they get the money and big paycheck they started to act like kings. They party a lot, they drink, take drugs only to know that they were already broke and their lives were fucked up.

You cannot play around once you taste a little success. Success is a big responsibility, it is supposed to be maintained and not to refrained. If you are already strong, if you have great momentum keep it going. Never put in your mind that you are already the best because once you do this you're in great trouble. People who stop taking actions to improve themselves stop growing, they even fall down.

It is a must to stop being cocky if you feel a little stronger to others. You should live every second competitively, you should play the game correctly.

September 14, 2015


I have a classmate in college who is one of my influences in blogging. His blog is pretty successful and I guess he is earning a lot of money. It shows in his lifestyle, he is pretty humble and a little bit secretive. I ask him one question on how to become successful in blogging, he just answered me "just keep on blogging, keep posting everyday, just express yourself and broadcast your thoughts". I said wow that's it? I believe he is saying the right thing, he is one of those people who is not thrifty when giving correct and effective advice.

If you will look at his blog, it doesn't look so attractive. For me it is not even professional but he gets a lot of traffic and fans. It is because he is so consistent and very hardworking. Those attributes that he have covers all the unprofessional look of his blog.

So I decided to create my own blog too, I told to myself I will make a blog that will look very professional, modern and classy like the popular blogs nowadays. I will not even use a subdomain so it will look more elegant and trustworthy. Months have passed and my blog is not doing well, why is it? It is because I rely on the presentation too much, I focus on the look and not the content. I wanted to make it look very professional and flashy but I didn't know that it is not with the looks, it is not needed to look so formal, you still have to focus on your content.

This is the common mistake that our society is still buying nowadays. People wanted to look so formal, elegant, modern and rich but they forgot to invest in their content.

Being formal is also following the norms or following the standards of the majority. One big example here is formal education. Parents want to send their children to well known universities because they thought that in this way their children will have a bright future. In my own personal opinion informal education is far better than formal education why? Because a person tends to choose what knowledge he wants to acquire in his life, also in informal education a person can learn faster because he can directly learn the topics that he needs in his life. On the other hand, formal education has a lot of bullshits going on, you have to study subjects that are not in your interest. I think the better term for formal education is FORCED EDUCATION. The only difference is in formal education you can have a diploma, a piece of paper that every company is looking for when hiring an applicant.

Another example is a couple who is getting ready for their wedding. At first they just wanted their wedding to be simple, they don't want to complicate things but they got influenced by the social media and the people around them. They created a wedding invent that is so formal, classy and elegant. They throw all their savings for the event. The event was successful and a lot of people praised them. But after the wedding they were broke as hell. They even have debts. So was being so formal helpful?

Another example is a student who is very shy to eat street foods. She is very shy because she thinks that she might look cheap. She is not rich and sometimes her allowance can only compensate cheap foods like street foods but she is so shy and don't really wanted to eat cheap foods. Because of her attitude she was forced to skip meals sometimes and for this reason she became sick, she got an ulcer. So what now? is being formal really helpful?

This is one of the biggest problems that our world is facing today. People wants to look good, people wants to look rich, cute, adorable and good smelling. People wants to follow the crowd and didn't want to get left behind. They do not know what is much better in their lives, they always play safe and didn't want to get criticized.

It is time for you to make your own judgement, it is time to stop trying to look cute and mainstream, just be yourself. If you look like cheap so what, if you don't have formal training so what. Just do what will make your life better and stop looking for approval.

September 11, 2015


There were kinds of beliefs, I don't know if this topic was already tackled by someone out there but I have my own version. Belief is the most important element when you are pursuing a goal, without belief you will easily get frustrated by hardships and will immediately quit once overwhelmed by the difficulty of the situation. Belief is the feeder of the desire and the gasoline for action.

These are different kinds of beliefs that people have here are they:

1. INFUSED BELIEF - This is a kind of belief that is not natural, this belief came from external elements such as parents, friends, social media, coach or any other sources that just influence someone's mind. People who have infused beliefs normally are just common people, they are not risk takers. They usually follow the crowd and cannot even decide on their own, they need approval and they are so afraid of critics. Peer pressure is a big influence for this kind of belief. This kind of belief ends in regret and people who has this realized what they miss in life when they are already old and cannot do something about their situation anymore.

2. BELIEF BY EXPERIENCE - this is a belief made by different experiences in life. Experiences can be good or bad. People who have this kind of belief are very careful in making decisions. They make their decisions based on their experiences that is why they are sometimes very hard to convince if what they saw is in contrast to their experience. This kind of belief is very narrow and traditional, it is not open to changes and it is very rational. This is a play safe belief and it only expand if good experiences come in.

3. FAKE BELIEF - this is a belief that was created by a person for the sake of fooling himself and making himself feeling good or proud. For example a boxer that is telling everyone that can he can KO his future opponent but in reality he is doubting himself and he is afraid of his opponent. He just wants to tell everyone that he is not scared and he train so hard for the fight but in reality he is doubting himself because he screwed up in his training.

4. TEMPORARY BELIEF - This is a belief that is real but weak, what do I mean by that? for example a dreamer wants to pursue his dream so he decided to start it, he keeps on pushing everyday and make extra ordinary effort but when he see that results are not showing his belief becomes weak, everyday he is starting to doubt his belief and he is wondering if what he's doing is still making any sense. This belief usually comes from people who has weak willpower and wants instant gratification. What they do is they believe that they can do something great but when perseverance is needed the most they always start to take another route. This belief is possessed by people who were only good at the beginning but very weak in the end.

5. CHOSEN BELIEF - this is an unbreakable belief, usually great people have this kind of belief. This is a belief that is not affected by people, circumstances or difficulty. For example an ordinary guy chooses to believe that he can make it to the olympics despite of not being a professional in his chosen sport. No matter what adversity comes on his way and no matter how harsh are the critics he received he still chooses to follow his dreams. He will not give up, he is committed 100 percent and his belief is growing everyday. This belief is not influenced by any kind of person no matter how big that person may be. This belief is self imposed and as I have said only great people with independent judgement have this.

So what kind of belief do you have? is it helping you to make your life better and achieve your dreams or is it just a belief that will make your dreams hang in the air?

September 06, 2015


Motivating yourself is very easy, you'll just need to look around. Find out what is happening around you, what is happening to yourself. Motivation is everywhere. The source of motivation can be either positive or negative.

If your life sucks and you don't have enough money to buy the things that you want then that is a motivation already. Go and change your life, imagine the things that you can have if you only work harder. Become sick and tired of having less and wanting more. Use your shortages as a fire to burn the obstacles on your way. Be relentless, try to look for things that will give you more money. If you are really sick and tired of being broke then do something about it.

When you a see car that you really love while you are walking. Don't get envy with the person who has it. Use it as a motivation, don't just look at it and wish that it was yours. Dream about it, take baby steps to get it, no matter how far you are for getting that car for as long as you are doing something to get it you will get it. I can prove this to you because it already happened to me. I dreamed of a car before and little by little I work my way on top to get it. I dream about it everyday, everytime I go to a mall and see the car that I want, I always touch it feel it and ask the details about it. I do everything in my power to get it and I don't put anything on my mind that will make me feel I couldn't get it.

If you are broken hearted because your partner leaves you for no reason and you can't figure out where did you go wrong use it as a motivation too. Don't be like a hopeless person who thinks you can only be happy if your partner comes back. If he leaves then let him go don't beg for him to come back. What you need to do is make your self stronger, make yourself more attractive, hit the gym, be the sexiest as you can be. Be the richest as you can be so the next time you are tied in a relationship your partner can't lose you because you have so much high value. Make sure the next time your ex sees you his mouth will become watery and his saliva will drop from his mouth. Make him jealous, make him regret his decision for leaving you. Use it as a motivation, becoming a better person is the
strongest revenge.

If someone is thriving, if someone is succeeding use it as a motivation too, don't get jealous instead try to copy his work ethic, do what he does, use him as an inspiration. Become motivated that if he did it you can do it too. Never compete and try to compare yourself to others because it will demotivate you in the long run. You will feel weak if you see someone who is doing better than you so just focus on yourself and don't compare your achievements to others. Use the success of others to inspire you and not to weaken you, be happy with other's achievements and have the mindset that you too can do it.

REJECTION - if you got rejected by a woman, an employer or a long waited opportunity don't get discouraged, instead use this as a motivation. If you got rejected it only means something better is waiting for you. Improve yourself, hone your craft, be the best version of yourself so no one can reject you later. Make sure that the next time you present yourself to someone or something, they cannot ignore you because you are so much great to pass.

See.. everything around you can be used as a motivation, I don't know why a lot of people are complaining that they are so unmotivated and cannot even do the first step. Motivation is just a matter of perspective and changing your outlook in life. Every positive and negative thing is a motivator.

Critics/haters - use them as a motivator, do your best and achieve your goals so they will hate you even more, so they will envy you even more. Achieve what is impossible and they thought you cant get so they won't sleep at night wondering how you made it.

Fat tummy - this is a strong motivator, you hate your body so what will you do about it? common... stand up wear your shoes and run as much as you can, forget about being tired, forget about how much you have to run to make your tummy small. Just run until your big stomach become shy about your hardwork and hide itself. Look at your tummy everyday, measure it, do something about it, do activities that will make you sweat. Just try to improve your body everyday, just do it.

At the end of the day it is still up to you how to find motivation in life, the reality is motivation is everywhere. It can be things, situation, heartbreak, rejection, success etc. It is up to you how you use something as a fuel and not a trigger for self pity.