August 09, 2015


If you have a low salary it is because you buy into it, you bid it so don't ever complain with it, When you first got the interview, the interviewer will ask you how much pay do you want and you will tell him a safe bid, a salary that you don't really want and below your expectations and value. So Don't ever complain in the long run because you are the one who asks for it.

There are lot of overpriced athletes there and also underpaid athletes. I won't mention names because it is very rude to do so. Don't get jealous to  overpriced athletes if you think they are getting more than what they deserve. They know their value and they ask for it confidently so they get it. If you ask for something confidently without any shade of doubt that you will get it then you will get it.

Underpaid athletes were not treated unfairly because from the very start they agreed to that price. They also think that they can't get higher price anymore so it is better to grab the opportunity. They play safe that is why they get lesser than what they deserve. If you play safe in life you will be safe but that safeness will not take you to a higher level. Safe is a plateau and it is nothing but a neutral position.

Be confident to ask for the price that you want, don't even be afraid to ask higher than what you deserve. It is not bad to ask higher price because after all you didn't force the giver to give it to you. It is a negotiation and a negotiation will not happen unless both parties agreed.

Look at those big companies of overpriced products. Companies of shoes, cologne, shirts etc. Again I will not mention names but you know some of them. Sometimes their price is not practical anymore but a lot of people will still buy their products even if it is against with their budget. Those companies didn't forced you to buy their products so don't complain that their products are very expensive.

I am not telling you to practice overpricing. All I am telling you is your bid is your price, your bid is your value so if you are accepting low pay it is because you think lowly of yourself. Have some pride and have the courage to ask for more.

Don't feel guilty if you think you are getting more than what you deserve. Everyone has the right to receive abundance and you are one of them. When someone asks you how much should they pay you, answer confidently and give an answer that is truly coming from your heart. Have the confidence to speak what you truly desire. You are entitled to claim what you ask, it is just a matter of believing your value.

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