August 22, 2015


You always compare yourself to others, you always wanted to become better than everybody. You wanted to reach the top and prove them that you are the best. It maybe true, you can be better than most of them but are you greater than yourself?

What do I mean by being greater than yourself? What I mean by this is do you have the tools to conquer yourself? can you control your mind if it is freaking? Do you have a lot of patience? Can you persevere till the end to get that goal that you've been hunting for a very long time? Do you have the determination to beat all the obstacles in life? Do you have unparalleled belief that will create miracles during crucial times?

Can you handle the big stage? can you handle the limelight? can you stay being humble once success is letting it taste its tail? These are the questions that should be answered by YES. Not 80 percent yes but 100 percent yes.

You see guys, there is no need to compare yourself to others. You only need to look at yourself. You can be better than anybody but if you are not greater than yourself then you are still nothing. If you were not greater than yesterday then there is no reason to feel great. Because greatness is challenging yourself to become better than yesterday, you are competing against yourself and not with others.

If you are always trying to compare yourself to others then you won't have a peace of mind. You will always see imperfections to yourself and to others. Just stay focus on improving yourself. If you are on the path of daily improvement then there is nothing more to prove.

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