August 17, 2015


There are only three reasons in life why you can't move and get started with the job that you are supposed to do, here are they:

1. You don't have the habits to get started - you developed bad habits from the past that is very hard to get rid of. This is why before you do a certain task you watch TV first, you check emails, facebook and any other procrastinating elements that hinders you from finishing your task. If you keep on learning any other procrastinating elements everyday then your future will be in danger. Your life will be very difficult and it's very hard for you to focus and achieve goals. Get in the habit of starting right away no matter how heavy you feel. Just go! You are the one who created the bad habits then you will also be the one who can destroy them. Eliminate all your bad habits and replace them with good ones.

2. You see results and not the process - you want to finish the task immediately and when you see that the work is not that easy and there are lots of steps needed to finish the task you got overwhelmed. You wish that the task is already completed without taking any action. You wish that you can fast forward the time and skip all the steps needed. When your perspective is like this then you really can't get started. Stop thinking about the finish line, focus on each step and enjoy every movement that you made. Wishing for results will give you a feeling of being so far to the finish line. To avoid being overwhelmed focus on the process and not on the results.

3. You feel like doing something else that is more important - example of this is you have to wash the dishes, instead of washing it you always thought that you must study for your exam or you have to sleep early so that you will have more energy. Every task that you must do is important. Thinking of other things as a substitute for what you are ought to do is just an excuse. Even if you ask your mother to wash the dishes for you, you will still not study because that has been your habit. You think of other things to do before doing the things that you must do. Even if you are about to study I bet you will chat first with your BFF or with your romantic partner and then the cycle goes again, you delay the task and make excuses in the end.

It is time for you to get rid of this pointless habits. When you have a task no matter if it is about your study, career or household chores just do it. Forget about something else, just do what is in front of you, don't replace a task with another task, it will only make your brain confused and overwhelmed. Stay focus stay lock in and once you finish the present task move on to the next task, no more dramas no more complaining just commit to the action.

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