August 11, 2015


The greatest feeling in the world is doing what you fear the most and finish doing it despite of feeling so fearful. It is a feeling that most people won't feel because only those who can handle extremes will experienced it.

Being scared is a very bad feeling and what makes it more bad is we don't do what we are ought to do because of fear. We live everyday saying to ourselves "what if I do that?, what if I say that?". A lot of time is being wasted and all we do is wondering.

Do you remember the first time when you ask a person for a date? It is very scary isn't it? but when the person you asked agreed with you then it is a sudden burst of feeling. You feel like you conquered the world and you think you've won a mega lottery worth 200 billion us dollars. The feeling is so great you can't even think of a word how to explain it.

What is the feeling of having a successful sleep despite of being afraid in the dark? What is the feeling of beating an opponent that you are very scared of? What is the feeling of beating your own phobia? It feels great because you feel so brave after doing what you fear. It feels like you totally gain your freedom from that fear. You feel accomplished, you feel like a super hero.

That is the greatest feeling in the world, doing what you fear. It is a lot better than the feeling of watching tv and eating popcorn or just chilling around and doing nonsense things. Killing your fears is like giving a birth to your dreams.

Not facing your fears will give you regrets, it will make you wonder for the rest of your life and thinking what could have been if you only try and confront your fears.

So never be scared to look fears into the eye, confront it, play with it and beat it. Even if you don't succeed on what you are trying to accomplished you will still feel good, knowing that you step out of your comfort zone, knowing that you expand and did your best.

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