August 06, 2015


I remember when I was in High School, whenever we have an exam we will study our books and mark all the important words by a colored marker that we think will come out on the exam. Some students are very funny they almost mark all the words on the book even if it is not important and I wonder if they can memorize all those words. The funnier thing is sometimes the exam is just multiple questions. You just need to remember what you read and you will pass the exam. 

When I was in College our professors were requiring us to buy the books that they wrote or the book of their friends but we didn't even have a lesson on it the whole semester. I don't know why they do that, do they understand that not all students has a lot of money? Some are just there because they are scholars.

In life we sometimes over think and we are force to study everything but in reality we only need important information. I have studied physics, the life of heroes, trigonometry etc. but up to now those information didn't give me a single cent. I don't know why Colleges and Universities are requiring the students to study subjects that are not related to their course, what I am talking about here are the minor subjects. It only lengthen the period of time of studying and it increases the tuition fee of the students. But at the end of the day when we only needed little information on the job that we are applying.

I am even shocked that what I have studied for 7 years in my University was not used when I was working. 

My advice is study what matters and what will make your life better. Education can be formal and informal and I am telling you informal education is much better that formal because you can choose what you want to learn and you are force to learn what are the information needed at the moment.

I am not saying that don't go to school, school has still a lot of things to offer us but not all. Are you going to use all the dates, events that you studied in your history subject for your job? Is the story about killing a national hero gonna improve your life or make you a millionaire? Again I am not saying that it is bad to study those stuffs and it is ok if you love those subjects but my point here is if you don't love what you are studying don't give too much importance to it. Don't pressure yourself to study things that are not important and not fun to you.

Study things that will improve your life or what is fun to you. Stop being forced to study something for no reason. Some people even study a lot of things for the sake of showing people that they are smart but the reality is those information in their head is not giving them edge in life. Is the birthday or favorite color of a certain celebrity will be asked on a job interview? Is the death date of a national hero or some counterfeit politician gonna give you some money or food on your table?

Don't get embarrassed if you don't know the date of an important even or important birthdate. If some laughs at you just say this phrase "Sorry but I am only studying things that I love and will give me money, I am not studying things that will not make my life better"

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