August 18, 2015


There is a huge difference between natural strength and a borrowed strength. A natural strength is a strength that comes from numerous hours of training, sacrificing and honing your craft while a borrowed strength is something that came from drugs, alcohol and any other substances that makes a person feel powerful.

STEROIDS, PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) - a lot of athletes use these types of drugs. Some even has big names and are role models. People who uses these drugs are fraud and should be banned in the sports forever. They use these drugs because they are not confident in their abilities anymore. They do this kind of illegal activity because they thought they can gain advantage to their opponents. In the beginning these drugs are effective but in the end they will give you side effects. I don't know what are the common side effects but all I know is it will weaken your body even more and you will lose the willpower to train because you will just purely rely on those drugs. Again I will not mention big names, you know who they are. They came from big organizations, big leagues and some are even champions. They fool people that they are strong and great but when the drug tests reveal their true colors...Look what happened, nobody trusts them anymore. Their endorsements were gone, their contracts were terminated. You can get away in the beginning but your true colors will be revealed.

ALCOHOLS - A lot of "MEN" who called themselves real men uses alcohol to borrow a fighting spirit. Once they consume a lot of alcohol they become some kind of an animal, drunken master or incredible hulk. They instigate fights, they become cocky and very proud. Some even became singers, politicians or story telling machine who keeps on praising himself for the whole night. Some men uses alcohol to have a courage when they want to approach a girl in the bar. They feel confident once they are in the influence of alcohol but when the alcohol is gone...tadahhh..they were like cute puppies who can't even speak.

Some people uses cocaine, heroine or any other abusive drugs to escape reality, they thought these drugs will solve their problems and they abuse it until they are totally wrecked. A lot of celebrities, athletes and role models fall down in life because of drug abuse. The worse thing is they cannot stand up anymore because they got totally insane. Some are put into mental hospitals or rehabilitation and they spend most of their lives there.

Don't borrow strength from any substance for the sake of having an edge in life because it will ruin your life in the end. At first they are effective and you think everything is cool but when reality sinks will find yourself in a lot of trouble. Trust yourself, trust that everything will be fine if you work hard and put your mind in the proper state. Those substances will give you power but that power is fake and will not stay for a very long time.

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