August 18, 2015


If you are pursuing something, if you want to make a name by yourself show them that you are not a joke. Show them that you are serious and you are ready to do whatever it takes to win and become an elite person in your field. Make a some little progress everyday, build habits that will put you into a top position.

If you are not serious in what you are doing people will also not take you seriously, they will think of you as a joke and just another human being trying to impress everybody. For you trying to impress is not on your radar, trying to become better is your goal. Make consistent efforts forget that you are tired, forget that you are stressed and fatigued. Just do all the necessary steps to put yourself into a better position. Stop talking about your goals instead do something about it, every action is a right action. There is nothing wrong in what you are doing for as long as it is congruent to your goals.

Be aggressive, don't hesitate to devour an opportunity once it shows itself in front of you. Be a hungry animal that is ready to eat whatever is on your sight. You have to live your dreams like it is the only air you can breathe and the only water you can drink. Make every second an opportunity to grow and be relentless in finding something that will improve your skills.

Have a burning desire, have the hottest fire. Use all your resources and be the one who takes challenges. It is normal that people will find you crazy because of your laser like focus. You know something they don't know and you know yourself more than they do.

It's time to rise, it's time to take the crown, show them that your accomplishment is not a fluke. Show them that you're a winner and you're willing to fight for your dreams. Show them that you're about business and you're willing to die just to get that thing, that victory. Every SINGLE DAY show them you're not a joke.

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