August 07, 2015


In reality sometimes we are the ones that hurt ourselves. We make interpretations about different things that happened... but sometimes different situations has different meanings. We don't even know whose interpretation is right. Some people will say this some people will say that and the argumentation never ends. For me the best interpretation is the one that is more positive and the one that will benefit my life. I often believe in interpretations that is contradicting to my ideas.

When people saw a black cat they always tell that it is a bad luck. Very funny, I didn't know that black cats can cast spell to anybody or they can call some natural disaster and destroy the whole town. Whoever spread this superstition maybe was scratched by a black cat when he was young and then he invented a story that a lot of people adopted and believed. How can an innocent animal affect your life by just walking at your backyard?

My own interpretation for this situation: Black cats' shit is very bad. Don't let black cats shit on your house or else your place will turn into a disaster. Even the shit of an ordinary colored cat, it smells really really bad and I think that is the only bad luck that the cats can bring to our lives.

You are not smart if you were turned down by a company for 10 times or the job is not really meant for you or maybe you are not qualified. Smart wannabe people will tell these words to you, that you are not too good if they saw you fail numerous times. They already created an identity for you even though they do not know your capabilities and what is running inside your head. They will stab you at your back, make fun of your failures and when you finally landed a job they will tell you that you just got lucky. How cruel are these people. They didn't see the art of perseverance that you display despite failing numerous times.

My own interpretation for this situation: If someone fail numerous times it is because the universe is only testing him if he really want what he wants. Failures are just challenges that will make you stronger if you overcome it. There is nothing wrong about failing, it is very normal. I don't know why a lot of people is making a big deal out of it. I admire people who fail and didn't give up. I even admire people who keep on fighting even if defeated so many times.

You cannot pursue your dreams anymore if you are too old. Again people has escalated this kind of belief to another level. If they saw someone who is pursuing his dreams and learned that he is a little bit over age or literally over age, they will laugh at him. They will make fun of the person and humiliate him until he stops. I don't know why people always make a big deal about age. Age is just numbers. It has nothing to do with talents and skills. You can be a 50 year old guy but if your skills and abilities were greater than a 25 year old guy then it is a different story.

My own interpretation for this situation: Don't judge a person who is pursuing his dreams because you never know how big his heart is and how much desire is hiding inside his body. A person with an insane desire is very dangerous and can do miraculous things. I even heard a news about a 90 year old man who climbed a very high mountain. Can an ordinary young man do that? Maybe but not all.

I have my own interpretation about any kind of situation that is why I can make my life easier when I am experiencing difficulties. I can see positive things in a negative situation. It's not that I am faking reality, I just want to give chance to the other possibility and I never believe something that hasn't been proved yet. If I saw the result then I will believe it but if not I will give it a benefit of the doubt.

You too can make your own interpretations, don't follow the crowd if you are in doubt. Don't judge so fast if it hasn't been proved yet. You have your own mind, you can make your own judgement.

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