August 28, 2015


When you say this is the last time you will puff that killer cigarette mean it, puff the last stick enjoy it and say good bye to it forever. No more turning back no more carvings for nicotine. Shut down the part of your brain that says cigarette is a stress reliever, it's not, it's just an addictive piece of shit that will make your lungs black.

When you say "this will be the last time I will skip on my training", mean it, make excuses now but not tomorrow. If you really can't train now because your butt hurts for sitting on the bench for 12 hours watching some idiotic TV shows then fine. But make sure it will be your last, it will be your last excuse. No more skipping on trainings, no more finding lame excuses.

Most of you can't make a dramatic change to your lives because when you say last you mean first. You always say this is the last time but in reality it is first of the last.

Last means final, it is not 2nd to the last, not third to the last. Make your "last" last forever not last for a few days and then you go back to your bad habits again. Don't you get tired of promising? don't you get frustrated when you are breaking your promises? You're already too educated to play stupid games in your life. Stop saying last for the sake of just feeling good and tricking your mind that everything is alright. It's time to become real, it' time to take your life seriously.

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