August 14, 2015


This is the best way to succeed. Implement rules for yourself and follow it. Make sure you will really follow it no matter what. Never let any distractions distract you or any obstacles stop you. Just follow your rules, be strict, honest and responsible.

Making rules for yourself can be a long term or just for a day. In my opinion you better start with making rules for a day then make the timespan longer and longer if you are having success following your own rules. At first it is really hard because human beings love to break rules. We even break the rules of the government even it has a punishment, what more about breaking a rule without any form of consequences?

If you made a rule for yourself you have to embody it, you have to live with it and respect it. Don't make a rule just for the sake of feeling smart and goal oriented. If you have a rule don't talk about it be about it.

Making rules for yourself will make a dramatic change to your life especially if you are 100 percent committed to it and following it everyday. It is hard because you are the tamer of yourself. It is hard to resist temptation but if you were able to control your mind and perform good habits then your success will be guaranteed.

I've seen people that always talk about new years resolution, they are very proud of what they were ought to accomplished only to know that they break their resolution just a few days after new year. It is harder to follow your rules if people knew it so just keep it to yourself. It is ok if you break it a couple of times but be aware if you are still on the right track for following it or just totally forgetting about it.

Making rules is is not harder than what you think, at first it is hard but when you see changes in your life, when you feel that you are progressing then it becomes very difficult to break that rule. It becomes part of your neurology and you will get very affected if you break it. It becomes easier to follow it when you have consistent records of the implementation of your own rule everyday.

Don't get discouraged if you already break it a couple of times, what matters is you keep on trying to follow it everyday with your very best. Keep disciplining yourself and soon you will never break your own rule again. Just always bear in mind that following your own rules will give you a better life and it can give you a lot of benefits. It is just a matter of how bad do you want to change your life.

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