August 05, 2015


When people got lazy they will just purely rely on luck that is why luck is the partner of laziness. I've been a lazy bum ass before so I know this 100 percent.

If I didn't study and tomorrow we have an exam, I will just pray that some of my classmates will let me copy their answers. I am praying that I get lucky so my professor won't caught me. Sometimes I got lucky and sometimes my professor is heavily guarding us so we cannot copy each other's answers. I purely rely on luck that is why I do not have high expectations that I am going to pass.

As a graphic designer if I didn't work hard enough to find clients and the due dates of my bills are coming, I just hope that I got lucky again and some miracle clients will show so I can pay my bills. Again, this is not a good habit, sometimes you get away with it and sometimes not. Most of the time I got busted and I have to pay the penalties of my bills. Good thing I am changing now and I am not waiting for the due dates to come to work hard.

Some athletes, if they didn't work hard because of partying before the game, they just wish that they got lucky, they just wish that the right plays will come to them. They wish that their opponents might have a bad day so that they can win the game easily. Most of the time this didn't happen. How can you win if your opponent works harder than you? Hardwork gives confidence and strength to those who did it so what is the chance of luck wining over hardwork?

Those lazy unemployed people who keep on complaining about the economy has also relied on luck most of the times. The good thing is their hope never dies, they keep on joining lottery games and hoping that their numbers would be picked. They keep on hoping to get lucky and become and instant millionaire. A little bit of delusional on their side because winning a lottery as a very low percentage of happening.

So you, what are you? do you rely on luck so much? do you always avoid taking the right action and working a little harder? if you are a big fan of luck then you are a lazy person. Even if you don't want to admit it, it is true. Who's a successful person who rely purely on luck, I bet you can't give me one. There is no big person in history of success whose name is attached to luck, they didn't even talk about it.

Avoid being lucky, avoid relying on luck because that word is for people who believes in destiny. Destiny is not true. How about those drug abusers, are they destined to become addicts? certainly not, they do it, they choose it so they suck in life. Destiny is not written so luck is not real. Some people said that success is only for a chosen few, it is because they are too lazy to manipulate their destiny. They are so lazy to act and force the issue if needed. LUCK IS THE PARTNER OF LAZINESS, HARDWORK IS THE PARTNER OF SUCCESS. Enough said my blood pressure is rising!

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