August 06, 2015


A lot of people can't stop talking about their plans, their goals. what things are they going to buy etc. But if you keep on track what they say and wait for a few weeks, months, you will see that they cannot keep their words. The problem is they talk first and once you talk first before taking an action... you're done. Because part of your brain tells you that you already impressed people and you also think that you already get what you want.

LET ACTION BE YOUR FOUNDATION. Stop talking unless you already act, stop talking unless you already achieve the results you wanted. This is the right thing to do. This will take away the expectations from people. This will keep away doubters and haters from guarding what you are doing. Just keep them guessing. If they were asking you what are you doing because you are acting so strange, just keep quiet. Keep quiet until it's time for you to get loud and you will only get loud once you have that thing that you want. 

Words are so over rated, look at those politicians who promises people a change, good fortune, honest administration etc. Look what happened? did they change the world? Words are meaningless until it has meanings and what gave words meanings? - EVIDENCES.  

Just act act act and act, never talk in the beginning nor in the middle, just talk in the end. 

If someone has the same goal as yours and he talks about it, just let him talk. Don't talk that you have the same plans. It will just build a competition and he will hate you if you area doing well. Just mind your own business and take consistent steps everyday. 

Never get fooled by words because as I have told you before, words has no meanings if it has no evidences. Let action be your foundation, let action be your words. Let results be your mouth and spreader of the success you get. You don't need to talk once you are making progress, you don't need to tell everybody that you are successful once you are successful, they will talk about it. And you will just keep quiet pretending to be humble but deep inside you are smiling. You will say this phrase: "oh it's nothing, I just get lucky." 

Talking is stopping because you are not doing anything it will just build hype, doubts, haters, fake friends (because they thought you were good), etc. There is nothing you can get about talking, there is nothing good about it. It is just a fantasy that kills the reality. 

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