August 23, 2015


Well everyone knows who Steve Kerr is, a five time NBA champion (3 with Chicago Bulls and 2 with San Antonio Spurs) correct me if I am wrong. He also has one championship as a coach with Golden State Warriors but the focus of this discussion is Steve Kerr as a player so lets forget about the coaching side. On the other side, the mail man Karl Malone, a 2 time MVP and has reached the finals twice but lost to the great MJ.

This article talks about who will you choose or whose basketball career will you choose? Karl Malone with zero rings or Steve Kerr with 5 rings as a player? Well a normal person will say "of course Steve Kerr, he is a winner and he is very successful". But for those who are competitive and knows the real meaning of greatness they will answer Karl Malone.

Why am I comparing two athletes who have different styles of play? This is the first time a main man and a bench player is being compared. The main purpose of the comparison is to tell everyone who really lives his life and his dream.

If I have to choose between the two I will choose Karl Malone who has no championship rings, for me he is a more winner. Why? it is because he experience more in life. He is the one who holds his fortune more. He experienced pushing himself to the limits, he played 40+ minutes a ball game. He is the one trusted by his teammates when the game is down the wire. He is criticized more and if you are being criticized more it only means you are handling a big responsibility. Who is a mediocre player whose been criticized? Karl Malone gives his all, he do whatever it takes to win, he takes the blame but he carries his team. He never relies on anyone to do the winning for his team. He is an All start, he is an MVP. He is a hall of famer. All of his talents and skills were seen by the world, he embraced the role of being a main man on his team.

What about Steve Kerr? yeah I know he is a winner, he has 5 championship rings as a player but...He spend more of his time in the bench. His bench minutes is larger than his playing time. He has no individual awards because he purely relies on the greatness of Michael Jordan. There is nothing wrong with being a role player, don't get me wrong and every team needs a role player. But I know he also dreams of being a star and he did not pursue it. Look at the way he plays, he just pass the ball to MJ. I know deep inside he also wants to score 30 pts, become an all star but he didn't achieve it. I bet he will even swap his one championship ring to an all star selection if he can turn back time. It is not because he is not talented, it is because he plays safe, he did not try out for other teams where he can land a bigger role. He did not hone his craft, he did not level up his dribbling and court awareness that is why he can't play PG. He is stuck on shooting when open and not taking one on one plays.

There is nothing wrong with steve, I love steve. I am just trying to make an important point here. Sometimes it is better to lose knowing that you give everything, knowing that you push yourself to the limits. Because in losing is where your true character will be revealed. If you want to know what your true capabilities are, be ready to handle big responsibilities, be ready to take criticisms, be ready to push and be pushed. be ready to become the main man. That is what living is, knowing who you really are, knowing what your strengths are, knowing what you can do by being you and using your own strength.

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