August 04, 2015


You can't stay stuck forever...If you are poor you can never be poor forever, there is a way for you to earn money more than what you are earning. You'll just have to look for it and execute immediately. If you are suffering obesity you can't have a fat ass forever. There is a way how to trim those fats, it is not easy but it is possible.

MOVE! It is the only way to avoid depression, one movement will take you to somewhere, that constant motion will take you one step closer to your dreams. don't be afraid of how many steps will it take to bring you to another level. JUST ONE FOOT FORWARD. It is not that hard, just one movement can change everything in your life. Step after one step. Tell this to yourself "JUST ONE STEP MORE, ONE STEP MORE" You will see that taking one step at a time will make you feel better, more confident and you have a sense of direction.

JUST ONE FOOT FORWARD  and never step backward. Don't be afraid to take the next step after taking the previous step. You can step slow but you should not stop, you should also not take any step that is not congruent to the direction that you are heading. Don't step LEFT neither RIGHT. Just step forward, always one foot forward. This is easy, it may not be so comfortable but taking one step at a time makes the goal easier.

Don't look for immediate results because it may overwhelmed you and make you stuck again. Looking for immediate results is the biggest sin of a person that wants to take his life into another level.

You already changed your life if you take one step forward because by doing this you are not the same person anymore. For example you want to take bigger roles or you want to have a career move. What is the first step for achieving this? RESIGN...this action already changed your life. what is the next step? look for a better company that will give you what you want, then next step again and next step. Always one foot forward, you may trip along the way but tripping doesn't mean failing, it is just a sign that you need to reevaluate the steps that you are taking.

Don't worry if sometimes you are slowing down, it is just a part of the process. Not all the time you can do one foot forward so fast. Pacing is not that important, consistency is the key to reach the destination.

So what are you waiting for? take the next step, always one foot forward. GO! and NEVER STOP!

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