August 10, 2015


Who doesn't want to go to party? Everybody loves party. It is fun. You can drink, meet people, go crazy, eat foods and forget reality. Going to parties will give you a lot of excitement. For me party is a showmanship of the other side of your personality. You need to look good, you will even buy new clothes. You will create some fake stories that you will tell to your friends so you will look successful and great. People are changing when they are at the party.

But what is life after party? It sucks, really really sucks. You have a headache. You lost your momentum. You are bedridden for a day or two because alcohol is still enjoying torturing your body. Your purse is crying because you spend more than what you have. You are even mad because you got caught in an argumentation that you didn't expect because someone steps on your ego and you will think about it for a week or even more.

I hate to admit it but I also party a lot. I will not wash my hands, I drink a lot too but now I am very careful of choosing the parties that I will attend. If the party is just pure drinking and no special friends or occasion is involved I don't go to it. I don't go to parties just to show my new clothes, success or whatever. It is nonsense to share your achievements to people who will just stab you at your back when you're not there.

Your frenemy is there so why go to that party? just to compete with him and see if who is doing well? what is the point of that? Both of you will act that you like each other but in reality both of you can't stomached each other's face anymore. There is no point in going to a party that has a lot of people that you dislike. Don't go there just to show them that you are doing great. It will just make you feel bad if you were ignored and he stands out more. There is no point in competing with a person who is not even worth competing for.

Going to a special party is very different from going to stupid parties. What I mean by special party is it is an event that is made up of people who are very close to you, people that are your true friends and also relatives that are not toxic and will contribute to the improvement of your life. This is the party where you can improve naturally by learning from the people involved. You can learn something about life, business, career and any other useful activities. This is a party where you can recreate and your time won't be wasted.

Stupid party is a gathering full of drinking, ego competition, showmanship and any other things that are toxic to your brain. This is a party that you wish you didn't attend. After this party you are not feeling well. You are mad because your frenemy stands out more. Someone stamps on your ego and you didn't like it. There is no moral lesson from this party, you even got caught in an argument that tackles about who is the best boxer in the world. This party is full of ego and back stabbing. You are even laughing about a joke that is not even funny, you fake your laughs so you won't get out of place.

Choose a party that will benefit you, something that you will not regret and something that you will not think twice if you will go there or not. Choose a party that is composed of only important people in your life. Sometimes not all parties will be composed mainly of people that you like but at least 90 percent is good enough. Beware of parties that will take away all your money and with people who are just using you because they needed you at that moment. And most of all, parties should not be your habit if you really wanted to succeed. It must be occasional and not almost everyday because partying too much will take away your focus and willpower.

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