August 12, 2015


Being afraid of making a mistake is one of the biggest block to success. a lot of you folks are afraid to make mistakes, why is that? Are you perfect? Are you protecting an image that you don't want to get stained? Being afraid to make a mistake is already a mistake. This type of approach won't help you. If you don't want to make mistakes then you will not grow, you will be stuck forever in your place.

My advice is set yourself free, make mistakes as many as you can, Don't be afraid to get criticized because even the greatest people in their chosen field gets criticized too. Even if you are already the best you won't still get away with critics.

Make a proposition to your boss, say something even if you aren't sure about it. If people laughs at your ideas just laugh at it too. Appreciate yourself because you are the only one who has guts to express your own ideas. Mistakes will make you grow, you will get a lot of feedback and it will teach you a lot of lessons.

If you made a mistake now then next time you already knew what to do. Being free of the negative feelings that mistakes gave will give you a huge advantage. You will become loose, you will become more creative and nothing will slow you down. You just keep on going and going and going just like an energizer battery. You never stop, you never care about harsh feedbacks, all you want to do is accomplished the thing that you wanted the most.

Making a mistake is not a big deal, it is just a reminder that we are all just humans. We are not perfect and we will never be perfect no matter how hard we try. Those people who always look for somebody's mistakes, those people who always criticized are the ones who were scared and insecure. They cannot even start, they cannot even express their own ideas so don't bother giving an attention to them.

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