August 17, 2015


I don't know when is this "Hiatus" word invented and I don't know what is its real purpose. But for me it is just a pure excuse or rationalization to become lazy.

Once you take a long break it will be very difficult for you to come back. Your good habits will go away and it will be replaced by bad habits that will make you weak, lazy and enjoying comfort too much. I already experienced this. I earned a lot of money before and I said to myself "ok I think I need to have a break and then I will go stronger when I come back" and that thing didn't happen. Bad habits were built. I started to enjoy drinking a lot, watching TV a lot while eating cholesterolic pizzas, sipping diabetic sodas and then my body started to bloat.

When I wanted to come back I can't anymore. There is something stopping me that I don't know. I only take hiatus for a month and then it seems like I am one of the laziest person in the world. I am not responsible anymore. I make a lot of excuses. I always thought that my drive will come back, I said to myself I just needed to take a little more time and then the hunger for success will come back, but that time didn't come. I cannot even start to work and it feels like I am drowned to bad habits that even though I know that it is bad I still keep on doing it.

Business started to fall and multiple debts keep on piling everyday. I am a broke loser and cannot seem to find the right track anymore.

It's a good thing I can still find the right frame of mind and I am still conscious of what is happening to my life. I still know what I needed to do so I started to fix my life one day at a time. I started to build good habits again, watching motivational videos, exercising a little bit and watching my diet. I am not yet on my prime again but I am happy enjoying the process. I am happy that I learned about this hiatus thing early so I will not make the same mistakes in the future.

If you want to take a hiatus make sure it will not take too long or else your life will suck. You will start to slow down and bad habits will take control of your life. There are only few people who made a strong come back after having a long break and I don't know how they did it. Maybe they are still doing productive things while they are having a break or they are still doing small things everyday to keep their minds in focus.

A week or two is a very long vacation and it will give your body enough rest to come back stronger. Don't take hiatus for months or else your success will be in jeopardy. It still depends on you but based on my experience and other people's experience, they lost their momentum and they find it hard to comeback when they take long breaks.

Look at those celebrities, elite athletes and other big names. You can see that even though they are taking vacations they are still doing productive things. It may not be connected to their business but they are not just pure partying, drinking and being lazy. They are still doing things that will keep their body and mind healthy. If you take a hiatus your purpose is to lessen the stress but not to just lay in bed and fill your stomach with bunch of unhealthy foods. You still need to work, the only difference is it is a work that is not too much stressful and tiring.

If you are planning to take a very long hiatus just make sure you are still doing productive things that will keep you on track, never remove the exercise. Look for something to do and be aware of the habits that you are developing everyday.

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