August 15, 2015


Even successful people procrastinate, yes because they were humans too. But their way of procrastination is different from normal people. Their way of procrastination is for the betterment of their lives and not to make their lives harder. I call this useful procrastination. What do I mean by this? here are some of my samples:

Successful people procrastinate from watching TV, when they found themselves being tempted to watch TV they delay it. Instead they read books or exercise or study something. Sometimes when they are already engaged in watching TV they stop it because something in their minds is telling them that it is nonsense so they look for another activity that they thought is more meaningful in their lives. Ordinary individuals especially those who are not goal oriented will watch TV 5 hours straight or more, they will keep their laundry stinking, their dishes unwashed for long hours and any other must do activities pending for the sake of watching television.

Successful people procrastinate from social media gossips, when they learned that the topic is negative and backstabbing other people they refrain from joining in. They immediately look for some healthy topics in the internet. They secure their minds from useless topics and energy draining issues. They keep their mind healthy and they only plant positive thoughts that will make them more energetic. Ordinary people will immediately join a conversation that is negative and pulling someone down, they love controversial issues that is why their lives is attracted to negativity. They cannot resist talking about other people's lives because for them it is a lot of fun.

Those are just some of the procrastination that successful people do. I know there are more but all I know is they procrastinate differently. Their way of procrastinating is opposite from normal people. They procrastinate to make their lives better and become more attracted to success.

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