August 20, 2015


Most of us were trapped in the past that is why we cannot progress in life. We carry the burden everyday. What is past? is it still happening? then why does it affects you a lot?

We are living in the present so we should erase the past, erase everything. Erase ugly moments including the happy moments. Why erase happy moments? because happy moments are replaceable and we tend to compare our miserable lives now from the happy moments before so erase the happy moments to avoid comparison.

Example of this is you were rich yesterday but now you are already poor, you always think about the rich days of your lives, you always thought that you cannot be happy anymore because you no longer have money. You always think about the happy moments where you use your money, you always think about the things that you have before. Stop thinking about those happy moments it will only strengthen your self pity because you don't have the life that you use to enjoy before. Focus on what you have and try to improve your life.

Erase that you suck, erase the stats, erase the mistakes. Tragedy doesn't define your destiny. If you didn't do well from the past forget about it and stop identifying it to yourself.

Stop also thinking that you are very good from the past so people should respect you now. If you are no better than yesterday then you don't have the right to ask for respect. A lot of people evolve everyday and if you are not evolving then you are below those people who work so hard.

You should live in the moment, live with the unknown. Never attach yourself to something or someone that will not help or contribute for the improvement of your life.

If you have a traumatic experience from the past and you cannot forget about it just replace it with thoughts that can neutralize the pain. Go out, seek for experiences that will make you feel better. Study music, join athletic activities, travel, seek for extreme moments that will make you grow and will build your confidence to another level.

You can erase everything by simply enjoying something. Enjoy what you can enjoy may it be a simple house, a simple bike, a simple game in your CP, a simple joke from your friend, a simple dish prepared by your mother or your girlfriend. It is easy to forget past, you are just being dramatic that is why you are having a hard time. Stop dramas it will give you bad karmas.

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