August 19, 2015


If you received a small blessing may it be a small amount of money or small opportunity be thankful. If you are practicing a sincere gratitude for every blessing that you receive then your blessings will multiply. Practicing gratitude gives good feelings or positive emotions to anyone. If you are feeling great it is easy to attract the things you want and you will have a clear mind for making strategies that you know will work.

Small blessings means larger ones coming so don't get disappointed if the numbers that you are expecting didn't show up.

A small progress is still a progress, it doesn't matter how slow you are progressing for as long as you're progressing everything will be alright. If you are progressing a little bit it only means you are on the right track and you are headed to the right direction.

Just like a toddler learning the alphabet, he will learn one or two letters a day and his mom will become very proud and happy so his mom will teach him more and more and all of the alphabets will be learned. Then next month or year his mom will teach him basic math and everything she can, she is very thankful because her child is progressing. That is what gratitude does, it gives momentum and infinite growth.

If you have a business and you only earned 50 cents for a particular day be happy because even if you did not earn big you still didn't lose money. Whatever profit is still a profit. Earning a small profit means you have to continue your business. It means you are doing well and the bigger amount is just waiting to be unleashed. You can take new adjustments, you can take new perspective but never close your business.

Never take any blessing for granted because once you do this, it is the time where progress falls apart. It is the time where a business dies. Taking any blessing fro granted means disrespecting the blessing and when a blessing feels it is disrespected it will never show again. That is why a lot of people who squanders his blessings cannot come back on top anymore, it is not because they cannot do it. It is because they cannot appreciate small things anymore, they wanted bigger things fast and you cannot have big things if you cannot appreciate small things.

I know this fact because I've been in this situation before. I disrespect small blessings, I stop taking small progress so my business suddenly fall. I stop thanking God for small blessings that is why it didn't show for a very long time. When I appreciate that I am still lucky even though the money that coming in is small then my momentum starts to come back again. This time I won't take anything for granted, I will appreciate any progress even the tiniest ones.

If you can't be very happy for the things that are coming into your life, well at least be grateful for them. Appreciate the smallest progress and continue progressing. Respect all the blessings by treasuring them. Have a commitment that you will take care of your business or whatever it is that you are pursuing. Work hard everyday and never stop expecting.

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