August 22, 2015


Our generation is poisoned nowadays. There are lots of reading materials, posts in facebook, twitter etc that poisoned the minds of people. You can see tips on how to do this, what undiscovered foods are healthy, what is the cause of cancer, how to cure aids etc. etc.

Be careful on what you are reading guys, some tips are just created by the authors that wants to get a lot of money and publicity. They are making contents that are harmful, controversial so you will visit their website to get a lot of traffic.

I will not mentioned sites, they know who they are. A lot of sites are there just to poisoned your mind so don't believe too much on what you saw on the internet. They will make useless articles, controversial contents that are very attractive and will hypnotize your unguarded brain.

If a site is full of negativity and is spreading a lot of hoax, stop being a fan of that site. Guard your mind be aware of what is entering it. Never believe easily on what you read especially if it is about health issue. You can try it if it is not harmful and the method is natural but if it is so weird and very unusual you better give it a second thought.

Never believed on sites that are there to destroy someone's reputation especially paparazzi sites. These sites are the cancer to our community, they spread a lot of negative energy that is the number one leading cause of procrastination and submissive ignorance.

Be selective on what you are reading, have your own personal judgement. Don't just believe on something because it has a lot of likes and comments, discover it for yourself. Don't engage on forums that are full of hatred, negative issues and criticisms, it is very bad for your productivity.

One more thing just follow and read sites that are healthy to your mind, something that twill empower you and will add a lot of materials to the development of your character.

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