August 20, 2015


As the challenge goes harder
My will becomes stronger
The path of least resistance
is out of my glance.

The more I become hungry
the stronger I smell victory
If quitting is the only option
I will hurry to the line of execution

I know my self, I am immovable 
The confidence I have is unfloppable
I know how to cook the recipe for winning
My goal is the only reason I am breathing

If there is a will there is a way
If the way has a price, I am ready to pay
If the payment is so big I am ready to dig
If digging is so hard, I will take no hazard

C'mon victory, the more you become elusive
The more I become explosive
The more you show no mercy
The more I feel no worry

Timing is overrated
I will push til I become depleted
My wings will grow
I will try 12 times a row

If looks could kill
I will make the looker ill
No more time for resting
I am here to receive a blessing