August 28, 2015


When you say this is the last time you will puff that killer cigarette mean it, puff the last stick enjoy it and say good bye to it forever. No more turning back no more carvings for nicotine. Shut down the part of your brain that says cigarette is a stress reliever, it's not, it's just an addictive piece of shit that will make your lungs black.

When you say "this will be the last time I will skip on my training", mean it, make excuses now but not tomorrow. If you really can't train now because your butt hurts for sitting on the bench for 12 hours watching some idiotic TV shows then fine. But make sure it will be your last, it will be your last excuse. No more skipping on trainings, no more finding lame excuses.

Most of you can't make a dramatic change to your lives because when you say last you mean first. You always say this is the last time but in reality it is first of the last.

Last means final, it is not 2nd to the last, not third to the last. Make your "last" last forever not last for a few days and then you go back to your bad habits again. Don't you get tired of promising? don't you get frustrated when you are breaking your promises? You're already too educated to play stupid games in your life. Stop saying last for the sake of just feeling good and tricking your mind that everything is alright. It's time to become real, it' time to take your life seriously.

August 23, 2015


Well everyone knows who Steve Kerr is, a five time NBA champion (3 with Chicago Bulls and 2 with San Antonio Spurs) correct me if I am wrong. He also has one championship as a coach with Golden State Warriors but the focus of this discussion is Steve Kerr as a player so lets forget about the coaching side. On the other side, the mail man Karl Malone, a 2 time MVP and has reached the finals twice but lost to the great MJ.

This article talks about who will you choose or whose basketball career will you choose? Karl Malone with zero rings or Steve Kerr with 5 rings as a player? Well a normal person will say "of course Steve Kerr, he is a winner and he is very successful". But for those who are competitive and knows the real meaning of greatness they will answer Karl Malone.

Why am I comparing two athletes who have different styles of play? This is the first time a main man and a bench player is being compared. The main purpose of the comparison is to tell everyone who really lives his life and his dream.

If I have to choose between the two I will choose Karl Malone who has no championship rings, for me he is a more winner. Why? it is because he experience more in life. He is the one who holds his fortune more. He experienced pushing himself to the limits, he played 40+ minutes a ball game. He is the one trusted by his teammates when the game is down the wire. He is criticized more and if you are being criticized more it only means you are handling a big responsibility. Who is a mediocre player whose been criticized? Karl Malone gives his all, he do whatever it takes to win, he takes the blame but he carries his team. He never relies on anyone to do the winning for his team. He is an All start, he is an MVP. He is a hall of famer. All of his talents and skills were seen by the world, he embraced the role of being a main man on his team.

What about Steve Kerr? yeah I know he is a winner, he has 5 championship rings as a player but...He spend more of his time in the bench. His bench minutes is larger than his playing time. He has no individual awards because he purely relies on the greatness of Michael Jordan. There is nothing wrong with being a role player, don't get me wrong and every team needs a role player. But I know he also dreams of being a star and he did not pursue it. Look at the way he plays, he just pass the ball to MJ. I know deep inside he also wants to score 30 pts, become an all star but he didn't achieve it. I bet he will even swap his one championship ring to an all star selection if he can turn back time. It is not because he is not talented, it is because he plays safe, he did not try out for other teams where he can land a bigger role. He did not hone his craft, he did not level up his dribbling and court awareness that is why he can't play PG. He is stuck on shooting when open and not taking one on one plays.

There is nothing wrong with steve, I love steve. I am just trying to make an important point here. Sometimes it is better to lose knowing that you give everything, knowing that you push yourself to the limits. Because in losing is where your true character will be revealed. If you want to know what your true capabilities are, be ready to handle big responsibilities, be ready to take criticisms, be ready to push and be pushed. be ready to become the main man. That is what living is, knowing who you really are, knowing what your strengths are, knowing what you can do by being you and using your own strength.

August 22, 2015


You always compare yourself to others, you always wanted to become better than everybody. You wanted to reach the top and prove them that you are the best. It maybe true, you can be better than most of them but are you greater than yourself?

What do I mean by being greater than yourself? What I mean by this is do you have the tools to conquer yourself? can you control your mind if it is freaking? Do you have a lot of patience? Can you persevere till the end to get that goal that you've been hunting for a very long time? Do you have the determination to beat all the obstacles in life? Do you have unparalleled belief that will create miracles during crucial times?

Can you handle the big stage? can you handle the limelight? can you stay being humble once success is letting it taste its tail? These are the questions that should be answered by YES. Not 80 percent yes but 100 percent yes.

You see guys, there is no need to compare yourself to others. You only need to look at yourself. You can be better than anybody but if you are not greater than yourself then you are still nothing. If you were not greater than yesterday then there is no reason to feel great. Because greatness is challenging yourself to become better than yesterday, you are competing against yourself and not with others.

If you are always trying to compare yourself to others then you won't have a peace of mind. You will always see imperfections to yourself and to others. Just stay focus on improving yourself. If you are on the path of daily improvement then there is nothing more to prove.

August 22, 2015


Our generation is poisoned nowadays. There are lots of reading materials, posts in facebook, twitter etc that poisoned the minds of people. You can see tips on how to do this, what undiscovered foods are healthy, what is the cause of cancer, how to cure aids etc. etc.

Be careful on what you are reading guys, some tips are just created by the authors that wants to get a lot of money and publicity. They are making contents that are harmful, controversial so you will visit their website to get a lot of traffic.

I will not mentioned sites, they know who they are. A lot of sites are there just to poisoned your mind so don't believe too much on what you saw on the internet. They will make useless articles, controversial contents that are very attractive and will hypnotize your unguarded brain.

If a site is full of negativity and is spreading a lot of hoax, stop being a fan of that site. Guard your mind be aware of what is entering it. Never believe easily on what you read especially if it is about health issue. You can try it if it is not harmful and the method is natural but if it is so weird and very unusual you better give it a second thought.

Never believed on sites that are there to destroy someone's reputation especially paparazzi sites. These sites are the cancer to our community, they spread a lot of negative energy that is the number one leading cause of procrastination and submissive ignorance.

Be selective on what you are reading, have your own personal judgement. Don't just believe on something because it has a lot of likes and comments, discover it for yourself. Don't engage on forums that are full of hatred, negative issues and criticisms, it is very bad for your productivity.

One more thing just follow and read sites that are healthy to your mind, something that twill empower you and will add a lot of materials to the development of your character.

August 22, 2015


If you want to cement your legacy, if you want to be remembered forever as a great person in your craft, the method is simple but hard. I mean really hard. Those who preaches softness in this world, those who even practiced it didn't get anything. They maybe rich but they are lacking something and they don't know what it is. Ok lets go back to the topic, cementing a legacy is almost like cementing, I mean really cementing. Think of yourself as a construction boy whose in charge of mixing the cement for building the house.

First decide what do you wanted to build. Is it a big house, a cute house, a mansion or just a simple house. It is like pursuing a dream. A dream can be big or small. It is up to you what do you want to choose. When you already decide what you wanted to build start right away, never change your mind or turn back when the going gets rough. Build the house day by day, brick by brick. Build it with passion and love.

There are elements involve when you are cementing your legacy, again it is also like mixing a cement, here are they:

This is an important element for cementing your legacy. This element hardens the cement. Without this the foundation is going to become weak and will easily crashed down. Rocks symbolizes adversity in your journey, Adversity is very important because it will bring toughness to your personality. It is a test if you can win or not and at the same time it also serves as a strengthener of your soul. Your will power is hardened through rocks. Everytime time you beat a rock may it be big or small, your character has reached another level.

Water is an element that hardens or softens the cement. With lots of water the cement is soft and will not build a very good building. With less water you cannot even mix the cement and you cannot even attached it to the posts or walls of the building. Water symbolizes balance and free flowing, you must flow like a water. Your life must be in prefect balance and in harmony with nature or your environment. Without balance your life will easily fall down, you may do well at beginning but in the middle of your journey you will have mental lapses.

This is what supports the cement, sand symbolizes the support you are getting from your friends, family etc. Sand should also be in perfect balance. With lots of sand the cement will also not be in good form and cannot make a strong house. It means if you are getting a lot of support from your friends or family, if you are getting a lot of help and they are pampering will also get weak, you will purely rely on their support, appreciation and expectations. You should be independent and can stand on your own.

Shovel is what mixes the cement, shovel symbolizes YOU. It is up to you how do you want to mix the cement. Do you want to mix it properly hard? or just mixing it for the sake of just doing it. Shovel is what controls the journey, it is the driver, it is the result seeker it is you. You can smash the shovel when you get frustrated, you can break it, you can do whatever with it. The only question is...are the actions that you do with the shovel gonna help you? Is doing violent actions gonna contribute for the building of the house you want? It is still up to you.

So that's it, this article is just a metaphor of how to cement your legacy, it is really like mixing a cement and building your own house, there is no difference. There are elements, there are problems. But at the end of the day you are still the one responsible for the results in your life.

August 20, 2015


As the challenge goes harder
My will becomes stronger
The path of least resistance
is out of my glance.

The more I become hungry
the stronger I smell victory
If quitting is the only option
I will hurry to the line of execution

I know my self, I am immovable 
The confidence I have is unfloppable
I know how to cook the recipe for winning
My goal is the only reason I am breathing

If there is a will there is a way
If the way has a price, I am ready to pay
If the payment is so big I am ready to dig
If digging is so hard, I will take no hazard

C'mon victory, the more you become elusive
The more I become explosive
The more you show no mercy
The more I feel no worry

Timing is overrated
I will push til I become depleted
My wings will grow
I will try 12 times a row

If looks could kill
I will make the looker ill
No more time for resting
I am here to receive a blessing

August 20, 2015


Most of us were trapped in the past that is why we cannot progress in life. We carry the burden everyday. What is past? is it still happening? then why does it affects you a lot?

We are living in the present so we should erase the past, erase everything. Erase ugly moments including the happy moments. Why erase happy moments? because happy moments are replaceable and we tend to compare our miserable lives now from the happy moments before so erase the happy moments to avoid comparison.

Example of this is you were rich yesterday but now you are already poor, you always think about the rich days of your lives, you always thought that you cannot be happy anymore because you no longer have money. You always think about the happy moments where you use your money, you always think about the things that you have before. Stop thinking about those happy moments it will only strengthen your self pity because you don't have the life that you use to enjoy before. Focus on what you have and try to improve your life.

Erase that you suck, erase the stats, erase the mistakes. Tragedy doesn't define your destiny. If you didn't do well from the past forget about it and stop identifying it to yourself.

Stop also thinking that you are very good from the past so people should respect you now. If you are no better than yesterday then you don't have the right to ask for respect. A lot of people evolve everyday and if you are not evolving then you are below those people who work so hard.

You should live in the moment, live with the unknown. Never attach yourself to something or someone that will not help or contribute for the improvement of your life.

If you have a traumatic experience from the past and you cannot forget about it just replace it with thoughts that can neutralize the pain. Go out, seek for experiences that will make you feel better. Study music, join athletic activities, travel, seek for extreme moments that will make you grow and will build your confidence to another level.

You can erase everything by simply enjoying something. Enjoy what you can enjoy may it be a simple house, a simple bike, a simple game in your CP, a simple joke from your friend, a simple dish prepared by your mother or your girlfriend. It is easy to forget past, you are just being dramatic that is why you are having a hard time. Stop dramas it will give you bad karmas.

August 19, 2015


If you received a small blessing may it be a small amount of money or small opportunity be thankful. If you are practicing a sincere gratitude for every blessing that you receive then your blessings will multiply. Practicing gratitude gives good feelings or positive emotions to anyone. If you are feeling great it is easy to attract the things you want and you will have a clear mind for making strategies that you know will work.

Small blessings means larger ones coming so don't get disappointed if the numbers that you are expecting didn't show up.

A small progress is still a progress, it doesn't matter how slow you are progressing for as long as you're progressing everything will be alright. If you are progressing a little bit it only means you are on the right track and you are headed to the right direction.

Just like a toddler learning the alphabet, he will learn one or two letters a day and his mom will become very proud and happy so his mom will teach him more and more and all of the alphabets will be learned. Then next month or year his mom will teach him basic math and everything she can, she is very thankful because her child is progressing. That is what gratitude does, it gives momentum and infinite growth.

If you have a business and you only earned 50 cents for a particular day be happy because even if you did not earn big you still didn't lose money. Whatever profit is still a profit. Earning a small profit means you have to continue your business. It means you are doing well and the bigger amount is just waiting to be unleashed. You can take new adjustments, you can take new perspective but never close your business.

Never take any blessing for granted because once you do this, it is the time where progress falls apart. It is the time where a business dies. Taking any blessing fro granted means disrespecting the blessing and when a blessing feels it is disrespected it will never show again. That is why a lot of people who squanders his blessings cannot come back on top anymore, it is not because they cannot do it. It is because they cannot appreciate small things anymore, they wanted bigger things fast and you cannot have big things if you cannot appreciate small things.

I know this fact because I've been in this situation before. I disrespect small blessings, I stop taking small progress so my business suddenly fall. I stop thanking God for small blessings that is why it didn't show for a very long time. When I appreciate that I am still lucky even though the money that coming in is small then my momentum starts to come back again. This time I won't take anything for granted, I will appreciate any progress even the tiniest ones.

If you can't be very happy for the things that are coming into your life, well at least be grateful for them. Appreciate the smallest progress and continue progressing. Respect all the blessings by treasuring them. Have a commitment that you will take care of your business or whatever it is that you are pursuing. Work hard everyday and never stop expecting.

August 18, 2015


If you are pursuing something, if you want to make a name by yourself show them that you are not a joke. Show them that you are serious and you are ready to do whatever it takes to win and become an elite person in your field. Make a some little progress everyday, build habits that will put you into a top position.

If you are not serious in what you are doing people will also not take you seriously, they will think of you as a joke and just another human being trying to impress everybody. For you trying to impress is not on your radar, trying to become better is your goal. Make consistent efforts forget that you are tired, forget that you are stressed and fatigued. Just do all the necessary steps to put yourself into a better position. Stop talking about your goals instead do something about it, every action is a right action. There is nothing wrong in what you are doing for as long as it is congruent to your goals.

Be aggressive, don't hesitate to devour an opportunity once it shows itself in front of you. Be a hungry animal that is ready to eat whatever is on your sight. You have to live your dreams like it is the only air you can breathe and the only water you can drink. Make every second an opportunity to grow and be relentless in finding something that will improve your skills.

Have a burning desire, have the hottest fire. Use all your resources and be the one who takes challenges. It is normal that people will find you crazy because of your laser like focus. You know something they don't know and you know yourself more than they do.

It's time to rise, it's time to take the crown, show them that your accomplishment is not a fluke. Show them that you're a winner and you're willing to fight for your dreams. Show them that you're about business and you're willing to die just to get that thing, that victory. Every SINGLE DAY show them you're not a joke.

August 18, 2015


There is a huge difference between natural strength and a borrowed strength. A natural strength is a strength that comes from numerous hours of training, sacrificing and honing your craft while a borrowed strength is something that came from drugs, alcohol and any other substances that makes a person feel powerful.

STEROIDS, PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) - a lot of athletes use these types of drugs. Some even has big names and are role models. People who uses these drugs are fraud and should be banned in the sports forever. They use these drugs because they are not confident in their abilities anymore. They do this kind of illegal activity because they thought they can gain advantage to their opponents. In the beginning these drugs are effective but in the end they will give you side effects. I don't know what are the common side effects but all I know is it will weaken your body even more and you will lose the willpower to train because you will just purely rely on those drugs. Again I will not mention big names, you know who they are. They came from big organizations, big leagues and some are even champions. They fool people that they are strong and great but when the drug tests reveal their true colors...Look what happened, nobody trusts them anymore. Their endorsements were gone, their contracts were terminated. You can get away in the beginning but your true colors will be revealed.

ALCOHOLS - A lot of "MEN" who called themselves real men uses alcohol to borrow a fighting spirit. Once they consume a lot of alcohol they become some kind of an animal, drunken master or incredible hulk. They instigate fights, they become cocky and very proud. Some even became singers, politicians or story telling machine who keeps on praising himself for the whole night. Some men uses alcohol to have a courage when they want to approach a girl in the bar. They feel confident once they are in the influence of alcohol but when the alcohol is gone...tadahhh..they were like cute puppies who can't even speak.

Some people uses cocaine, heroine or any other abusive drugs to escape reality, they thought these drugs will solve their problems and they abuse it until they are totally wrecked. A lot of celebrities, athletes and role models fall down in life because of drug abuse. The worse thing is they cannot stand up anymore because they got totally insane. Some are put into mental hospitals or rehabilitation and they spend most of their lives there.

Don't borrow strength from any substance for the sake of having an edge in life because it will ruin your life in the end. At first they are effective and you think everything is cool but when reality sinks will find yourself in a lot of trouble. Trust yourself, trust that everything will be fine if you work hard and put your mind in the proper state. Those substances will give you power but that power is fake and will not stay for a very long time.

August 17, 2015


There are only three reasons in life why you can't move and get started with the job that you are supposed to do, here are they:

1. You don't have the habits to get started - you developed bad habits from the past that is very hard to get rid of. This is why before you do a certain task you watch TV first, you check emails, facebook and any other procrastinating elements that hinders you from finishing your task. If you keep on learning any other procrastinating elements everyday then your future will be in danger. Your life will be very difficult and it's very hard for you to focus and achieve goals. Get in the habit of starting right away no matter how heavy you feel. Just go! You are the one who created the bad habits then you will also be the one who can destroy them. Eliminate all your bad habits and replace them with good ones.

2. You see results and not the process - you want to finish the task immediately and when you see that the work is not that easy and there are lots of steps needed to finish the task you got overwhelmed. You wish that the task is already completed without taking any action. You wish that you can fast forward the time and skip all the steps needed. When your perspective is like this then you really can't get started. Stop thinking about the finish line, focus on each step and enjoy every movement that you made. Wishing for results will give you a feeling of being so far to the finish line. To avoid being overwhelmed focus on the process and not on the results.

3. You feel like doing something else that is more important - example of this is you have to wash the dishes, instead of washing it you always thought that you must study for your exam or you have to sleep early so that you will have more energy. Every task that you must do is important. Thinking of other things as a substitute for what you are ought to do is just an excuse. Even if you ask your mother to wash the dishes for you, you will still not study because that has been your habit. You think of other things to do before doing the things that you must do. Even if you are about to study I bet you will chat first with your BFF or with your romantic partner and then the cycle goes again, you delay the task and make excuses in the end.

It is time for you to get rid of this pointless habits. When you have a task no matter if it is about your study, career or household chores just do it. Forget about something else, just do what is in front of you, don't replace a task with another task, it will only make your brain confused and overwhelmed. Stay focus stay lock in and once you finish the present task move on to the next task, no more dramas no more complaining just commit to the action.

August 17, 2015


I don't know when is this "Hiatus" word invented and I don't know what is its real purpose. But for me it is just a pure excuse or rationalization to become lazy.

Once you take a long break it will be very difficult for you to come back. Your good habits will go away and it will be replaced by bad habits that will make you weak, lazy and enjoying comfort too much. I already experienced this. I earned a lot of money before and I said to myself "ok I think I need to have a break and then I will go stronger when I come back" and that thing didn't happen. Bad habits were built. I started to enjoy drinking a lot, watching TV a lot while eating cholesterolic pizzas, sipping diabetic sodas and then my body started to bloat.

When I wanted to come back I can't anymore. There is something stopping me that I don't know. I only take hiatus for a month and then it seems like I am one of the laziest person in the world. I am not responsible anymore. I make a lot of excuses. I always thought that my drive will come back, I said to myself I just needed to take a little more time and then the hunger for success will come back, but that time didn't come. I cannot even start to work and it feels like I am drowned to bad habits that even though I know that it is bad I still keep on doing it.

Business started to fall and multiple debts keep on piling everyday. I am a broke loser and cannot seem to find the right track anymore.

It's a good thing I can still find the right frame of mind and I am still conscious of what is happening to my life. I still know what I needed to do so I started to fix my life one day at a time. I started to build good habits again, watching motivational videos, exercising a little bit and watching my diet. I am not yet on my prime again but I am happy enjoying the process. I am happy that I learned about this hiatus thing early so I will not make the same mistakes in the future.

If you want to take a hiatus make sure it will not take too long or else your life will suck. You will start to slow down and bad habits will take control of your life. There are only few people who made a strong come back after having a long break and I don't know how they did it. Maybe they are still doing productive things while they are having a break or they are still doing small things everyday to keep their minds in focus.

A week or two is a very long vacation and it will give your body enough rest to come back stronger. Don't take hiatus for months or else your success will be in jeopardy. It still depends on you but based on my experience and other people's experience, they lost their momentum and they find it hard to comeback when they take long breaks.

Look at those celebrities, elite athletes and other big names. You can see that even though they are taking vacations they are still doing productive things. It may not be connected to their business but they are not just pure partying, drinking and being lazy. They are still doing things that will keep their body and mind healthy. If you take a hiatus your purpose is to lessen the stress but not to just lay in bed and fill your stomach with bunch of unhealthy foods. You still need to work, the only difference is it is a work that is not too much stressful and tiring.

If you are planning to take a very long hiatus just make sure you are still doing productive things that will keep you on track, never remove the exercise. Look for something to do and be aware of the habits that you are developing everyday.

August 15, 2015


Even successful people procrastinate, yes because they were humans too. But their way of procrastination is different from normal people. Their way of procrastination is for the betterment of their lives and not to make their lives harder. I call this useful procrastination. What do I mean by this? here are some of my samples:

Successful people procrastinate from watching TV, when they found themselves being tempted to watch TV they delay it. Instead they read books or exercise or study something. Sometimes when they are already engaged in watching TV they stop it because something in their minds is telling them that it is nonsense so they look for another activity that they thought is more meaningful in their lives. Ordinary individuals especially those who are not goal oriented will watch TV 5 hours straight or more, they will keep their laundry stinking, their dishes unwashed for long hours and any other must do activities pending for the sake of watching television.

Successful people procrastinate from social media gossips, when they learned that the topic is negative and backstabbing other people they refrain from joining in. They immediately look for some healthy topics in the internet. They secure their minds from useless topics and energy draining issues. They keep their mind healthy and they only plant positive thoughts that will make them more energetic. Ordinary people will immediately join a conversation that is negative and pulling someone down, they love controversial issues that is why their lives is attracted to negativity. They cannot resist talking about other people's lives because for them it is a lot of fun.

Those are just some of the procrastination that successful people do. I know there are more but all I know is they procrastinate differently. Their way of procrastinating is opposite from normal people. They procrastinate to make their lives better and become more attracted to success.

August 15, 2015

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August 14, 2015


This is the best way to succeed. Implement rules for yourself and follow it. Make sure you will really follow it no matter what. Never let any distractions distract you or any obstacles stop you. Just follow your rules, be strict, honest and responsible.

Making rules for yourself can be a long term or just for a day. In my opinion you better start with making rules for a day then make the timespan longer and longer if you are having success following your own rules. At first it is really hard because human beings love to break rules. We even break the rules of the government even it has a punishment, what more about breaking a rule without any form of consequences?

If you made a rule for yourself you have to embody it, you have to live with it and respect it. Don't make a rule just for the sake of feeling smart and goal oriented. If you have a rule don't talk about it be about it.

Making rules for yourself will make a dramatic change to your life especially if you are 100 percent committed to it and following it everyday. It is hard because you are the tamer of yourself. It is hard to resist temptation but if you were able to control your mind and perform good habits then your success will be guaranteed.

I've seen people that always talk about new years resolution, they are very proud of what they were ought to accomplished only to know that they break their resolution just a few days after new year. It is harder to follow your rules if people knew it so just keep it to yourself. It is ok if you break it a couple of times but be aware if you are still on the right track for following it or just totally forgetting about it.

Making rules is is not harder than what you think, at first it is hard but when you see changes in your life, when you feel that you are progressing then it becomes very difficult to break that rule. It becomes part of your neurology and you will get very affected if you break it. It becomes easier to follow it when you have consistent records of the implementation of your own rule everyday.

Don't get discouraged if you already break it a couple of times, what matters is you keep on trying to follow it everyday with your very best. Keep disciplining yourself and soon you will never break your own rule again. Just always bear in mind that following your own rules will give you a better life and it can give you a lot of benefits. It is just a matter of how bad do you want to change your life.

August 12, 2015


Being afraid of making a mistake is one of the biggest block to success. a lot of you folks are afraid to make mistakes, why is that? Are you perfect? Are you protecting an image that you don't want to get stained? Being afraid to make a mistake is already a mistake. This type of approach won't help you. If you don't want to make mistakes then you will not grow, you will be stuck forever in your place.

My advice is set yourself free, make mistakes as many as you can, Don't be afraid to get criticized because even the greatest people in their chosen field gets criticized too. Even if you are already the best you won't still get away with critics.

Make a proposition to your boss, say something even if you aren't sure about it. If people laughs at your ideas just laugh at it too. Appreciate yourself because you are the only one who has guts to express your own ideas. Mistakes will make you grow, you will get a lot of feedback and it will teach you a lot of lessons.

If you made a mistake now then next time you already knew what to do. Being free of the negative feelings that mistakes gave will give you a huge advantage. You will become loose, you will become more creative and nothing will slow you down. You just keep on going and going and going just like an energizer battery. You never stop, you never care about harsh feedbacks, all you want to do is accomplished the thing that you wanted the most.

Making a mistake is not a big deal, it is just a reminder that we are all just humans. We are not perfect and we will never be perfect no matter how hard we try. Those people who always look for somebody's mistakes, those people who always criticized are the ones who were scared and insecure. They cannot even start, they cannot even express their own ideas so don't bother giving an attention to them.

August 11, 2015


The greatest feeling in the world is doing what you fear the most and finish doing it despite of feeling so fearful. It is a feeling that most people won't feel because only those who can handle extremes will experienced it.

Being scared is a very bad feeling and what makes it more bad is we don't do what we are ought to do because of fear. We live everyday saying to ourselves "what if I do that?, what if I say that?". A lot of time is being wasted and all we do is wondering.

Do you remember the first time when you ask a person for a date? It is very scary isn't it? but when the person you asked agreed with you then it is a sudden burst of feeling. You feel like you conquered the world and you think you've won a mega lottery worth 200 billion us dollars. The feeling is so great you can't even think of a word how to explain it.

What is the feeling of having a successful sleep despite of being afraid in the dark? What is the feeling of beating an opponent that you are very scared of? What is the feeling of beating your own phobia? It feels great because you feel so brave after doing what you fear. It feels like you totally gain your freedom from that fear. You feel accomplished, you feel like a super hero.

That is the greatest feeling in the world, doing what you fear. It is a lot better than the feeling of watching tv and eating popcorn or just chilling around and doing nonsense things. Killing your fears is like giving a birth to your dreams.

Not facing your fears will give you regrets, it will make you wonder for the rest of your life and thinking what could have been if you only try and confront your fears.

So never be scared to look fears into the eye, confront it, play with it and beat it. Even if you don't succeed on what you are trying to accomplished you will still feel good, knowing that you step out of your comfort zone, knowing that you expand and did your best.

August 10, 2015


Who doesn't want to go to party? Everybody loves party. It is fun. You can drink, meet people, go crazy, eat foods and forget reality. Going to parties will give you a lot of excitement. For me party is a showmanship of the other side of your personality. You need to look good, you will even buy new clothes. You will create some fake stories that you will tell to your friends so you will look successful and great. People are changing when they are at the party.

But what is life after party? It sucks, really really sucks. You have a headache. You lost your momentum. You are bedridden for a day or two because alcohol is still enjoying torturing your body. Your purse is crying because you spend more than what you have. You are even mad because you got caught in an argumentation that you didn't expect because someone steps on your ego and you will think about it for a week or even more.

I hate to admit it but I also party a lot. I will not wash my hands, I drink a lot too but now I am very careful of choosing the parties that I will attend. If the party is just pure drinking and no special friends or occasion is involved I don't go to it. I don't go to parties just to show my new clothes, success or whatever. It is nonsense to share your achievements to people who will just stab you at your back when you're not there.

Your frenemy is there so why go to that party? just to compete with him and see if who is doing well? what is the point of that? Both of you will act that you like each other but in reality both of you can't stomached each other's face anymore. There is no point in going to a party that has a lot of people that you dislike. Don't go there just to show them that you are doing great. It will just make you feel bad if you were ignored and he stands out more. There is no point in competing with a person who is not even worth competing for.

Going to a special party is very different from going to stupid parties. What I mean by special party is it is an event that is made up of people who are very close to you, people that are your true friends and also relatives that are not toxic and will contribute to the improvement of your life. This is the party where you can improve naturally by learning from the people involved. You can learn something about life, business, career and any other useful activities. This is a party where you can recreate and your time won't be wasted.

Stupid party is a gathering full of drinking, ego competition, showmanship and any other things that are toxic to your brain. This is a party that you wish you didn't attend. After this party you are not feeling well. You are mad because your frenemy stands out more. Someone stamps on your ego and you didn't like it. There is no moral lesson from this party, you even got caught in an argument that tackles about who is the best boxer in the world. This party is full of ego and back stabbing. You are even laughing about a joke that is not even funny, you fake your laughs so you won't get out of place.

Choose a party that will benefit you, something that you will not regret and something that you will not think twice if you will go there or not. Choose a party that is composed of only important people in your life. Sometimes not all parties will be composed mainly of people that you like but at least 90 percent is good enough. Beware of parties that will take away all your money and with people who are just using you because they needed you at that moment. And most of all, parties should not be your habit if you really wanted to succeed. It must be occasional and not almost everyday because partying too much will take away your focus and willpower.

August 09, 2015


If you have a low salary it is because you buy into it, you bid it so don't ever complain with it, When you first got the interview, the interviewer will ask you how much pay do you want and you will tell him a safe bid, a salary that you don't really want and below your expectations and value. So Don't ever complain in the long run because you are the one who asks for it.

There are lot of overpriced athletes there and also underpaid athletes. I won't mention names because it is very rude to do so. Don't get jealous to  overpriced athletes if you think they are getting more than what they deserve. They know their value and they ask for it confidently so they get it. If you ask for something confidently without any shade of doubt that you will get it then you will get it.

Underpaid athletes were not treated unfairly because from the very start they agreed to that price. They also think that they can't get higher price anymore so it is better to grab the opportunity. They play safe that is why they get lesser than what they deserve. If you play safe in life you will be safe but that safeness will not take you to a higher level. Safe is a plateau and it is nothing but a neutral position.

Be confident to ask for the price that you want, don't even be afraid to ask higher than what you deserve. It is not bad to ask higher price because after all you didn't force the giver to give it to you. It is a negotiation and a negotiation will not happen unless both parties agreed.

Look at those big companies of overpriced products. Companies of shoes, cologne, shirts etc. Again I will not mention names but you know some of them. Sometimes their price is not practical anymore but a lot of people will still buy their products even if it is against with their budget. Those companies didn't forced you to buy their products so don't complain that their products are very expensive.

I am not telling you to practice overpricing. All I am telling you is your bid is your price, your bid is your value so if you are accepting low pay it is because you think lowly of yourself. Have some pride and have the courage to ask for more.

Don't feel guilty if you think you are getting more than what you deserve. Everyone has the right to receive abundance and you are one of them. When someone asks you how much should they pay you, answer confidently and give an answer that is truly coming from your heart. Have the confidence to speak what you truly desire. You are entitled to claim what you ask, it is just a matter of believing your value.

August 08, 2015


Inhale pain exhale greatness. Once you embrace the pain and take it to another level everyday, you can become the best at what you are doing. Enough said, do it now!

August 07, 2015


In reality sometimes we are the ones that hurt ourselves. We make interpretations about different things that happened... but sometimes different situations has different meanings. We don't even know whose interpretation is right. Some people will say this some people will say that and the argumentation never ends. For me the best interpretation is the one that is more positive and the one that will benefit my life. I often believe in interpretations that is contradicting to my ideas.

When people saw a black cat they always tell that it is a bad luck. Very funny, I didn't know that black cats can cast spell to anybody or they can call some natural disaster and destroy the whole town. Whoever spread this superstition maybe was scratched by a black cat when he was young and then he invented a story that a lot of people adopted and believed. How can an innocent animal affect your life by just walking at your backyard?

My own interpretation for this situation: Black cats' shit is very bad. Don't let black cats shit on your house or else your place will turn into a disaster. Even the shit of an ordinary colored cat, it smells really really bad and I think that is the only bad luck that the cats can bring to our lives.

You are not smart if you were turned down by a company for 10 times or the job is not really meant for you or maybe you are not qualified. Smart wannabe people will tell these words to you, that you are not too good if they saw you fail numerous times. They already created an identity for you even though they do not know your capabilities and what is running inside your head. They will stab you at your back, make fun of your failures and when you finally landed a job they will tell you that you just got lucky. How cruel are these people. They didn't see the art of perseverance that you display despite failing numerous times.

My own interpretation for this situation: If someone fail numerous times it is because the universe is only testing him if he really want what he wants. Failures are just challenges that will make you stronger if you overcome it. There is nothing wrong about failing, it is very normal. I don't know why a lot of people is making a big deal out of it. I admire people who fail and didn't give up. I even admire people who keep on fighting even if defeated so many times.

You cannot pursue your dreams anymore if you are too old. Again people has escalated this kind of belief to another level. If they saw someone who is pursuing his dreams and learned that he is a little bit over age or literally over age, they will laugh at him. They will make fun of the person and humiliate him until he stops. I don't know why people always make a big deal about age. Age is just numbers. It has nothing to do with talents and skills. You can be a 50 year old guy but if your skills and abilities were greater than a 25 year old guy then it is a different story.

My own interpretation for this situation: Don't judge a person who is pursuing his dreams because you never know how big his heart is and how much desire is hiding inside his body. A person with an insane desire is very dangerous and can do miraculous things. I even heard a news about a 90 year old man who climbed a very high mountain. Can an ordinary young man do that? Maybe but not all.

I have my own interpretation about any kind of situation that is why I can make my life easier when I am experiencing difficulties. I can see positive things in a negative situation. It's not that I am faking reality, I just want to give chance to the other possibility and I never believe something that hasn't been proved yet. If I saw the result then I will believe it but if not I will give it a benefit of the doubt.

You too can make your own interpretations, don't follow the crowd if you are in doubt. Don't judge so fast if it hasn't been proved yet. You have your own mind, you can make your own judgement.

August 06, 2015


A lot of people can't stop talking about their plans, their goals. what things are they going to buy etc. But if you keep on track what they say and wait for a few weeks, months, you will see that they cannot keep their words. The problem is they talk first and once you talk first before taking an action... you're done. Because part of your brain tells you that you already impressed people and you also think that you already get what you want.

LET ACTION BE YOUR FOUNDATION. Stop talking unless you already act, stop talking unless you already achieve the results you wanted. This is the right thing to do. This will take away the expectations from people. This will keep away doubters and haters from guarding what you are doing. Just keep them guessing. If they were asking you what are you doing because you are acting so strange, just keep quiet. Keep quiet until it's time for you to get loud and you will only get loud once you have that thing that you want. 

Words are so over rated, look at those politicians who promises people a change, good fortune, honest administration etc. Look what happened? did they change the world? Words are meaningless until it has meanings and what gave words meanings? - EVIDENCES.  

Just act act act and act, never talk in the beginning nor in the middle, just talk in the end. 

If someone has the same goal as yours and he talks about it, just let him talk. Don't talk that you have the same plans. It will just build a competition and he will hate you if you area doing well. Just mind your own business and take consistent steps everyday. 

Never get fooled by words because as I have told you before, words has no meanings if it has no evidences. Let action be your foundation, let action be your words. Let results be your mouth and spreader of the success you get. You don't need to talk once you are making progress, you don't need to tell everybody that you are successful once you are successful, they will talk about it. And you will just keep quiet pretending to be humble but deep inside you are smiling. You will say this phrase: "oh it's nothing, I just get lucky." 

Talking is stopping because you are not doing anything it will just build hype, doubts, haters, fake friends (because they thought you were good), etc. There is nothing you can get about talking, there is nothing good about it. It is just a fantasy that kills the reality. 

August 06, 2015


If you don't want to worry about your future, do the right thing now, do your best now.

August 06, 2015

August 06, 2015

August 06, 2015

August 06, 2015


I remember when I was in High School, whenever we have an exam we will study our books and mark all the important words by a colored marker that we think will come out on the exam. Some students are very funny they almost mark all the words on the book even if it is not important and I wonder if they can memorize all those words. The funnier thing is sometimes the exam is just multiple questions. You just need to remember what you read and you will pass the exam. 

When I was in College our professors were requiring us to buy the books that they wrote or the book of their friends but we didn't even have a lesson on it the whole semester. I don't know why they do that, do they understand that not all students has a lot of money? Some are just there because they are scholars.

In life we sometimes over think and we are force to study everything but in reality we only need important information. I have studied physics, the life of heroes, trigonometry etc. but up to now those information didn't give me a single cent. I don't know why Colleges and Universities are requiring the students to study subjects that are not related to their course, what I am talking about here are the minor subjects. It only lengthen the period of time of studying and it increases the tuition fee of the students. But at the end of the day when we only needed little information on the job that we are applying.

I am even shocked that what I have studied for 7 years in my University was not used when I was working. 

My advice is study what matters and what will make your life better. Education can be formal and informal and I am telling you informal education is much better that formal because you can choose what you want to learn and you are force to learn what are the information needed at the moment.

I am not saying that don't go to school, school has still a lot of things to offer us but not all. Are you going to use all the dates, events that you studied in your history subject for your job? Is the story about killing a national hero gonna improve your life or make you a millionaire? Again I am not saying that it is bad to study those stuffs and it is ok if you love those subjects but my point here is if you don't love what you are studying don't give too much importance to it. Don't pressure yourself to study things that are not important and not fun to you.

Study things that will improve your life or what is fun to you. Stop being forced to study something for no reason. Some people even study a lot of things for the sake of showing people that they are smart but the reality is those information in their head is not giving them edge in life. Is the birthday or favorite color of a certain celebrity will be asked on a job interview? Is the death date of a national hero or some counterfeit politician gonna give you some money or food on your table?

Don't get embarrassed if you don't know the date of an important even or important birthdate. If some laughs at you just say this phrase "Sorry but I am only studying things that I love and will give me money, I am not studying things that will not make my life better"

August 05, 2015


You can have all the skills in the world but if your will is so weak your skills will be useless

August 05, 2015


When people got lazy they will just purely rely on luck that is why luck is the partner of laziness. I've been a lazy bum ass before so I know this 100 percent.

If I didn't study and tomorrow we have an exam, I will just pray that some of my classmates will let me copy their answers. I am praying that I get lucky so my professor won't caught me. Sometimes I got lucky and sometimes my professor is heavily guarding us so we cannot copy each other's answers. I purely rely on luck that is why I do not have high expectations that I am going to pass.

As a graphic designer if I didn't work hard enough to find clients and the due dates of my bills are coming, I just hope that I got lucky again and some miracle clients will show so I can pay my bills. Again, this is not a good habit, sometimes you get away with it and sometimes not. Most of the time I got busted and I have to pay the penalties of my bills. Good thing I am changing now and I am not waiting for the due dates to come to work hard.

Some athletes, if they didn't work hard because of partying before the game, they just wish that they got lucky, they just wish that the right plays will come to them. They wish that their opponents might have a bad day so that they can win the game easily. Most of the time this didn't happen. How can you win if your opponent works harder than you? Hardwork gives confidence and strength to those who did it so what is the chance of luck wining over hardwork?

Those lazy unemployed people who keep on complaining about the economy has also relied on luck most of the times. The good thing is their hope never dies, they keep on joining lottery games and hoping that their numbers would be picked. They keep on hoping to get lucky and become and instant millionaire. A little bit of delusional on their side because winning a lottery as a very low percentage of happening.

So you, what are you? do you rely on luck so much? do you always avoid taking the right action and working a little harder? if you are a big fan of luck then you are a lazy person. Even if you don't want to admit it, it is true. Who's a successful person who rely purely on luck, I bet you can't give me one. There is no big person in history of success whose name is attached to luck, they didn't even talk about it.

Avoid being lucky, avoid relying on luck because that word is for people who believes in destiny. Destiny is not true. How about those drug abusers, are they destined to become addicts? certainly not, they do it, they choose it so they suck in life. Destiny is not written so luck is not real. Some people said that success is only for a chosen few, it is because they are too lazy to manipulate their destiny. They are so lazy to act and force the issue if needed. LUCK IS THE PARTNER OF LAZINESS, HARDWORK IS THE PARTNER OF SUCCESS. Enough said my blood pressure is rising!

August 04, 2015


Dramas will just give you bad energy, bad vibrations. You will attract bad situations and bad circumstances, stop whining and start creating.

August 04, 2015


It is up to you if you can play with your problem or not. The perspective is yours.

August 04, 2015


You can't stay stuck forever...If you are poor you can never be poor forever, there is a way for you to earn money more than what you are earning. You'll just have to look for it and execute immediately. If you are suffering obesity you can't have a fat ass forever. There is a way how to trim those fats, it is not easy but it is possible.

MOVE! It is the only way to avoid depression, one movement will take you to somewhere, that constant motion will take you one step closer to your dreams. don't be afraid of how many steps will it take to bring you to another level. JUST ONE FOOT FORWARD. It is not that hard, just one movement can change everything in your life. Step after one step. Tell this to yourself "JUST ONE STEP MORE, ONE STEP MORE" You will see that taking one step at a time will make you feel better, more confident and you have a sense of direction.

JUST ONE FOOT FORWARD  and never step backward. Don't be afraid to take the next step after taking the previous step. You can step slow but you should not stop, you should also not take any step that is not congruent to the direction that you are heading. Don't step LEFT neither RIGHT. Just step forward, always one foot forward. This is easy, it may not be so comfortable but taking one step at a time makes the goal easier.

Don't look for immediate results because it may overwhelmed you and make you stuck again. Looking for immediate results is the biggest sin of a person that wants to take his life into another level.

You already changed your life if you take one step forward because by doing this you are not the same person anymore. For example you want to take bigger roles or you want to have a career move. What is the first step for achieving this? RESIGN...this action already changed your life. what is the next step? look for a better company that will give you what you want, then next step again and next step. Always one foot forward, you may trip along the way but tripping doesn't mean failing, it is just a sign that you need to reevaluate the steps that you are taking.

Don't worry if sometimes you are slowing down, it is just a part of the process. Not all the time you can do one foot forward so fast. Pacing is not that important, consistency is the key to reach the destination.

So what are you waiting for? take the next step, always one foot forward. GO! and NEVER STOP!

August 01, 2015


The real freedom is not looking for any validation nor seeking for appreciation. If you are really free, you will express yourself without anyone's permission.