July 02, 2015


What will people remember? is it a 30 second of being popular in facebook showing everyone how cute you are, how delicious the food you are eating, how cute your dog is, how expensive is your new shoes, how fancy are your clothes, how bad do you feel, how unfair you've been treated. Maybe you will be remembered for days because your post might get a lot of attention but that's it...Nothing historical, nothing amazing, noting epic.

Everyone can cry on facebook, everyone can eat delicious food, buy expensive clothes, go on different places, everyone can do that, what is amazing about those things? It's just a show off and nothing else.

In the long run no one will remember your complaints, problems or stuffs that you buy, no one will remember it. It's just like a news that will come and go.

What if you buy a ferrari? get drafted in NFL, save a life or win a big time talent show? Not anyone can do that so that is what do we call epic. People will remember you for a very long time if you do epic things.

Doing what is hard to do is what make a person become a legend, his name will be remembered for a very long time if not forever. If you do what is easy you will easily be forgotten but if you achieve what is hard your name will remain on the books forever.

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